JANUARY 14, 2011


GREETINGS BELOVED ONES! Welcome One & All. Blessed Are Each of You!

Let us begin as we invite you to take a few moments here to settle into your chairs and become comfortable. And as you now settle into your seats feel your body being lovingly supported in this now moment.


As always we invite you to focus on your breath now and for the next few moments as you quiet the mind leaving your cares of the day behind you as you in the stillness into your Being, feel the Peace as you into your hearts. with us now and for the next few moments.

Allow your focus to settle into the Sanctuary of Your Sacred Heart Chamber as you continue to breathe. Feel the Peace… yes, feel the Peace as you continue to breathe in the Crystalline Golden Light particles. KNOW your Heart Center is brightly illuminating within. Recall the Golden Chalice of your Heart Center, for you are the Holy Grail of the Reunification for you are the Ones We have been waiting for. Know that you are Body is being nourished as each cell of your Body receives the Gift of these Crystalline Golden Light particles which are all around you…

Please pause here for a few moments and just breathe! KNOW that as you focus on your breath you Honor your body with Love & Acceptance for providing the vehicle for this amazing journey of Awakening. Please take these few moments to pause with Conscious Love & Acceptance for Yourself and your Body as you breathe into your Heart Center. It is an honor to be here partaking in this Journey.



The Photon Light is holding strong through January as it fluctuates between the high 5's & low 6's range, staying closer to the 6 range all month long. This will support us as we continue to TRANSFORM by leaps and bounds.

One thing is for sure, many people are experiencing some BIG SHIFTS Energetically. How this is experienced is individual, and yet we will fall into some similarities with our fellow Lightworkers. Personally I have been challenged with what "appears" to be a chronic cold that will not end, and I NEVER GET SICK, so this is SO STRANGE. I am aware of 2 other Lightworkers who have been challenged by similar "symptoms". It has been a bit of a challenge to get the together to post this month's message. Thank you for your patience! A big "Clearing" and "Rewire" is at hand.

Other Lightworkers are experiencing a variety of other manifestations, some of them are showing up as "electrical" realignments manifesting a challenge with interfacing with electronic devices, batteries failing, computers not working, phones going hay-wire etc. Yet as we adapt to what is occurring and not get "over-run" with fear or anger, the devices settle down and begin working again.

Some are experiencing what they would call a "disconnect", their brain does not seem to be able to hold a focus, when they try to meditate, they do not "receive" any communication from their Guides or Higher Self, or Angelic Guidance. Whatever is your path of SHIFTING, I can guarantee we are all manifesting some unusual symptoms of experience as we move through the first part of 2011.

Everything in 2011 has more impact. We are going to begin to witness just how powerful we are. The length of time between having a thought and realizing its manifestation will be shortening more and more. We encourage you to pay attention to this subtle affect of just how powerful our thoughts, Prayers, and actions will be manifesting into the physical plane.

Because the length of time is shortening between when we have a thought & when it manifest we are inviting you to STAY POSITIVE! Use Breath work, use music, use a mantra CD etc , to stay uplifted.

We thought last year was fast, well fasten your seat belts, get comfortable, and hold on for the ride! This year everything will be moving even faster! Everything is speeding up even more! The Waves of Light that will be initiating the next level of Transformation will be coming approximately every 3 weeks. The good news is that our ability to integrate the New Waves of Light has accelerated also, and we will be able to keep up, WHEW! Just as we integrate the last Wave of Light, a New Wave of Light will follow right behind the last one.

The Planet is definitely shifting too. There have been reports of the Magnetic North shifting and airports have had to adjust the Navigation Signage accordingly at some Florida Airports. Info on this can be found at,

There will continue to be more physical adjustments made for Gaia as we go forward. Just know it's all PERFECT and that you are ALWAYS in the right place at the right time, Safe & Protected! Pray for those who may be in the Path of these changes, yet know that it was in their "Divine Blueprint" to experience whatever challenges are encountered. Those who Transition during any weather related disasters, or Earth Changes, know that this was also included in their "Divine Blueprint". Simply pray for them and send Light & Love to their Higher Selves to use in the Highest Light for their Greater Good as needed. If you feel called to support these people in distress, in whatever capacity you are called to, then step forward and participate. Prayer is certainly powerful and all that is certainly necessary.

Beginning with February 11, 2011, everything will be begin to shift more quickly as the New Consciousness Cycles accelerate. Stay in the Moment. Practice being the "Observer" ready to respond with the Power of Conscious Choice. We do wish to add here however, that as much as being in the NOW is so important, it is also important to remember that it is us that is creating "our future", so remember to take a little time each day "to envision" , or "Plan" your future, otherwise we remain "frozen" in the Now Moment with little unfolding around us.

Balance is Truly the KEY between past, present & future. Be here now in the Present Moment, it is from this place that we will "" and "Project". We will still encounter moments of reflection on the Past, perhaps we still need to integrate an Aspect of ourselves that we had "lost" in the Shadows by rejecting it. Should this occur, do not resist this "memory", welcome this Aspect of you into your heart for a "homecoming" to be integrated into the "Greater Self" of Love.

Being In The Moment, is more about the ability to TRULY, CONSCIOUSLY RESPOND, to the Doors that are being opened for you to change the course of events along the path. It is about being "here & now" to "consciously recognize" the Divine Synchronicities being aligned in your daily experience that opens the Doors to the next step on your journey. And please remember, it is you that is the "Architect" of your New Reality. Plan, and envision your future… not how you get there…. that can create delays, but see yourself "Living the Life You Want To Live", this is one of the best ways to create your New Earth experience.

Many of you will begin to notice the experience of simply feeling and knowing more, of being energetically larger, and being more consciously interactive with your Higher Self. Be prepared on multiple levels for very pleasant new multidimensional experiences, visions, feelings, smells, sounds, discoveries, and a profoundly deeper level of "Knowing".
Many of you may notice an expansion of your and an opening to Greater levels of as Love fills your being.

As the year accelerates and we arrive at October 28, 2011, we will have arrived at the Wave of Light Portal that initiates the "Attainment of Cosmic Consciousness". So much will have transformed up to this point that we will finally achieve the Peak, the Bridge into Cosmic Consciousness. We will have manifested a New Destiny, a New Destination.

For those of you have heard about the "recent talk" or rumor of a "New Zodiac"; Here is a brief statement from a well known Astrologer on this subject.

Ophiuchus in the News
A New Zodiac: Fact or Fiction?
Full Article Today in Evolutions: Click Here

The mainstream mediasphere lit up in the past few days with tales of a new zodiac. Yes, there is potentially a 13th sign of the zodiac known in ancient times, and it's re-emerging into the astrological lexicon today. This is Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder, also known as Serpentarius.

Unfortunately, the news reports are hopelessly garbled, and the table that's circulating showing "new dates" of the astrological signs is flat-out wrong.

I'm hearing from people all over asking about this announcement and a so-called "new zodiac." As a former myself, I know how easy it is for the media to distort the facts when they don't understand the subject matter they're trying to explain, especially if they only quote one source.

For the record:

1. There is no "new zodiac." There's a sidereal zodiac and a tropical zodiac, both very old. There are other zodiacs, as well, in various traditions.
2. Yes, there is a constellation called Ophiuchus (or Serpentarius), and the Sun transits this region of the sky each December.
3. Ophiuchus may or may not be a sign of the zodiac, depending on your perspective.

As you discern your own truth about all this, here's something to consider. If the zodiac suddenly changed, don't you think you'd hear about it first from a reputable astrologer rather than Nightly News?

The gift of the Serpent Holder is a sacred mystery to be explored and savored. I've been teaching and writing about this subject for the past several years and invite you to read about it my Evolutions blog. Here's the link:

For those who are truly interested in the initiatory aspect of this ancient energy, you can go deeper with the audio recording of a special Ophiuchus tele-gathering I hosted this past December. Details are posted here:

Enjoy the journey! Allison Rae


Now more than ever is the time to move DEEPLY into the energies of TRUST. Change has always been challenging for us in the "human realm". Now is the time to move deeply into the Light of TRUST.

The "MAGIC" is in the Choices that we make? Recognize that you are the "" of your own Ship. Or another way of looking at this is that you are the Scripting the Screen Play of "Your Life Experience". You are the Software Programmer of your own Personal Holo-deck Reality. It is you that possess the MAGIC!

On a more "traditional note"; Knock & the Door Shall be Opened, Ask and Yee Shall Receive. It is you that "Commands" your Reality. Having "envisioned" our new way of life, there will be "alignments" that will be choreographed by our higher Aspects to "design' the New Reality.

Realize that if you have "called in" certain things that you desire, or that you are looking to fulfill some of your dreams, well, KNOW that change will occur. Even if you don't understand what the changes are, just go with the flow, the "purpose" & "meaning" for these changes will be made clear as you move through the swift changes that will be falling into place in your world.

Simply KNOW that everything is changing for the better even if you can't see the outcome just yet.

Remember Dear Ones that we are moving deeper into the Ascension Energies as we transition through the 4th dimension, and into the 5th Dimension. As we travel through these 4th Dimensional layers realize that this is the "Realm of Thought", and now more than ever it is important to be vigilant over our "random thoughts". If you are still struggling with fear on any level, now is the time to be Vigilant as you "stand guard" as the "Observer" of your world. CANCEL any thoughts or emotions that may still be lingering in the shadows of fear. KNOW that you are a CAPABLE DIVINE HUMAN who is limitless in Nature. Forgive the Aspect of you that is yearning to be integrated back into the "Wholeness" that is YOU. Envision yourself wrapping your arms around the "part" of you that is still lost in the Shadows of Fear, tell them they are deeply loved and bring them close to your heart and see them "vanish" or melt right into your heart to be forever more welcomed back Home.

Stay out of the mind or intellect as much as possible, use only when "needed" for certain "details" of life, like paying bills, remembering your appointments, and the like. Spend more and more time in the Heart. Listen to more music, if the weather will permit, spend some time out in nature, do something creative, something that brings you Joy. A wonderful place to be, is to consciously choose to simply, Accept, Breathe, & Sing, OFTEN!


There may be those around you that react in fear to the many changes we will all be experiencing. Comfort them if you can, yet if they resist too much simply "send them" your Light & Love in your prayers. A good thing to do is to have your higher-Self work with their higher-Self and have them download into the "local brain" consciousness of these individuals that which will bring them more into balance. "See" them waking up, and this will support that outcome for them. Envisioning humanity in general as "waking up" will support a smoother transition through these many changes we will be experiencing and reduce the level of chaos in others.

With each new Wave of Light that enters our World, we will continue to be "recalibrated" and our frequencies will continue to be refined. Our hearts will continue to be activated and expanded with each New Wave of Light. As we become more crystalline in nature we will embody more and more of the Christed Energies of the higher dimensions.

It will be more difficult at times to use our intellectual capacities in the same manner in which we have been accustomed, yet just surrender to this phase of expansion and simply ask your higher self to assist you in maintaining a sense of balance with your day to day tasks that must be met. Be willing to slow down, make notes if necessary, or lists of the tasks that must be fulfilled each day until you move through that "period of adjustment" in the recalibrating of your "system". Being willing to "double check" what you have done each day while you move through this phase, this will help you a great deal, especially while at work, or handling financial details. As always "this too shall pass", as the rewire is completed through this next transformation. If it becomes too challenging with your job responsibilities be willing to take some "personal days", or "leave time". You will adapt more quickly than in the past with other "rewires".

This may be a wonderful time to simply enjoy yourself a bit more, by filling your time doing things that you love to do. Giving yourself permission to simply just be is also ok. Be willing to allow for some TLC time for yourself as well. Nurture you self and your body. Lay in bed & listen to music, read a good book if you can focus on this, otherwise an "enlightening" movie can also be a way to pass the time as your new synaptic pathways are aligned and merged.

As your heart continues to expand you will discover how much easier you are able to hold yourself in compassion along with others. Begin to notice how your interactions with others is demonstrating a "new level" of generosity or brotherhood/sisterhood toward your "fellow companions" on the Planet. Look for this in others as well.
Learn to laugh at the changes you are experiencing. Do your best not to be startled if you begin to see through the veils more easily, (and you will).


These are the days we have been waiting for! We invite you to welcome each "new shift" with enthusiasm, cancel any feelings of resistance you may be "tempted" to fall into. KNOW that ALL IS PERFECT! Everything is aligning in Perfection to bring us back Home, and once again we shall all experience Heaven on Earth!

May the Light of Love fill your world and Bless each New Day as you move through this amazing month! May You each find the Joy of the Christ Light filling your hearts and world as it expands your hearts to hold more LOVE.

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure! Be Gentle with yourselves and hold yourself and all others in the Light of Love and Compassion Always. Breathe & Accept, Laugh & Sing!

Blessed Be,
We Are One, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM