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A Note from Karen: Today (February 2nd) is the in Aquarius.  For awhile now, I’ve had a page on my giving people information every month on making their New Moon intentions.  Last night, as I was writing the email to my subscribers about in Aquarius (you can use its energy for the next three days!), My Greater asked to add a short comment.  Since this is their , I also decided to add it here for anyone who might be interested.  The link on my webpage is this

I hope you have a divine, abundantly wonderful day!


I invoke the I AM.  I invoke My Greater Presence.  I invoke the highest good for and all who dwell upon her.  As it is; so it is.


“Greetings dear friends!  We asked for a bit of space in this email to remind you that the current year of your experience, 2011, has the vibration of !  If you can imagine it; you can create it.  A word of caution:  Be very sure about what it is that you wish to create in your life and create only what will bring you joy and improve the quality of your life.

It does not matter what tool you use to put forth your wishes into the great mix that is Universal unmanifest form—New Moon Intentions, writing a new script, New Year’s Resolutions, vision boards, etc.—as long as your intentions allow for no harm to yourself or another.

Be mindful of your intentions as well as of the areas and issues of self-sabotage that may present themselves as soon as you speak your intentions in the world for all blocks, invalid , and patterns of being that are contrary to your goals and intentions will raise their head in your experience to be healed and removed once and for all.

There has never been more support for you to clear any and all aspects of yourself, your beliefs, and your world that no longer support your highest good than at this time.  Take every advantage to clear, release, and heal all that holds you stuck and unable to move forward in grace and ease.

This is the time you have all waited for.  It is here now.  Enjoy and create a New World that supports the highest good of the planet and all that dwell upon her.

You are loved and supported beyond measure.

I AM My Greater Presence”

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