We would like to have discourse with you now on the quality of Love called . This quality requires One to be in their integrity at all times and to know Oneself well, for this is where the quality of finds expression into manifestation.  Many times in life upon your Planet, there are those who do not show respect or for the sanctity of any facet of daily life and the inherent rules of conduct towards each other and in order to make one&;s personal boundaries known, it requires this most needed quality in order to stand in One&;s truth and speak it honestly and directly. As the words are spoken, One also employs the quality of Love called compassion, for it is inherently understood that as the quality of is called forth, so must it be tempered by compassion, in order for the heartfelt communication to be accepted by the other so that there is an equal and peaceful exchange of viewpoints until there is an acceptable understanding reached between both parties.

Many times is this understanding breached as either One or the Other allows their rampant feelings and emotions to take hold and so it can be the cause of much heartache and suffering when it could have been avoided by the act of postponement until One’s emotions were brought into a more balanced state and then approaching the Other with One’s view. And we see the Beloved Lightworkers, who have most times practiced “The Golden Rule” of – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – have been finding themselves unheard and relatively unseen or almost invisible as it were, and it is in finding the courage to stand in your Light and speak your truth, that the Other begins to &;see’ you. Sometimes, putting your viewpoint and needs across must come from a more stringent and forceful act in order to make the Other sit up and take notice. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, , for it is your Light that has made you &;invisible’ and sometimes One has to shout in order to direct the Other’s line of vision to you.

It falls upon each of you to use your discernment and also to follow your ‘gut’ instinct as to the correct action to take. As the days go forth, each of you will be learning to use that instinct in decisions that will be made in a split second and this is where your years of training in self discipline and self control will come to the fore and serve you well. Always remember that in most cases, your first intuitive impression is usually accurate and as this is employed more often, it will become relatively easy to follow your instinct and employ your courage. As you can see, that which is simple can sometimes become more complicated as in the concept of ‘tough Love’. Always remember that what you do is always for the highest good of all and that should be your marker in all your actions. Many times, our Beloved Lightworkers take too much of the blame upon themselves simply because their sense of honor and integrity demands them to look with honesty and truth at every situation to ensure that they make no omissions in their quest for Mastery of Life and themselves.

Try to be patient with yourselves and with others, for you are all on the Path back to a higher level of Being and if you can just detach from the drama, it will be much easier for you to see the higher perspective. It is exhilarating for we of the Higher dimensions to see this unfolding now upon your Planet, for as you gather your courage, speak and stand for your truths, there will come a time when Peace WILL prevail on Earth, for all that which was not Love will have been cleared and transmuted through the initial act of courage.

I leave you now to ponder upon these words until our next discourse. Be at peace, Beloved Ones.



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