I would like to have discourse about the quality of Love known as devotion. This is a most admirable quality that lives within the and soul of a that manifests itself as a higher expression of Love and shows itself in the of a ’s ability to honor another by remaining steadfast and loyal to them through good times and challenging times, no matter the difficulties presented. It entails the ability to give of Oneself for the greater good and happiness of the other.

When one consistently and persistently wishes and strives to ensure that their Loved One is always experiencing and enjoying the greatest good for them in each moment, that they are protected and provided all their needs and their emotional well being is addressed in order that the other feels happy, secure and valued in their relationship, not because a person has to do this as a duty to perform but because they choose and want to as a way of expressing their Love and affection for another.

This quality of devotion can also be expressed in a person’s willingness to take time each day to honor their connection with the Divine and this manifests itself in the of daily prayers, meditation, decreeing, chanting, yoga or simply being still and connecting with a higher aspect of themselves that is a part of the Creator of All That Is. There is also the willingness to express and practice this through all the days of the person’s life and in this way they acknowledge that there is a force within that is connecting with an even greater Force in Divine Oneness.

This quality also manifests in community activities in the form of voluntary service in order to serve the greater good of all and entails commitment to a cause or organization that One feels aligned to in which One can give some form of service. There are many good people involved in the practice of this facet of the quality of Love known as devotion, which creates within them a feeling of moving beyond Self to perceive and work towards the common good for all and this is one of the attributes that Humankind is evolving towards again, for when everyone desires only the highest good for each other, there will be peace, harmony and order everywhere and every person will feel secure, Loved, happy and included and this would make for a happy civilization upon the Earth.

When One has a strong connection to Source within them, they are always guided to desire happiness, goodness, peace, health and abundance, not only for themselves but for all others because they inherently follow the dictates of their heart rather than logic and mind, for this is how Creator manifests in and through each of us. It is in listening to our heart promptings that we align with our greater good and the path that will bring it to us. Following the path of the heart will sometimes lead a person into a whole new direction than what they had envisioned for themselves but invariably it turns out to have been the correct choice in order for that person to achieve the greatest happiness, joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Therefore, listening to one’s heart is the next step on the path to Oneness and unity in this World. Some time spent each day on focusing upon this most wondrous energy center will surely guide each of you safely to your . I leave you now to ponder on these thoughts and I also leave you my Love, blessings and devotion.



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