Jennifer Hoffman a message from Archangel Uriel

channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 31 January, 2011  (posted 24 February, 2011)

The presence of your physical body is also the presence of your spirit  the place where you are in the material world is where all of your aspects exist. You are your most powerful when your aspects exist in integrity and harmony with the highest vibrations of your 's desire for you. But you judge your reality as being more or less powerful, joyful or peaceful and then believe that when you are not at that level of being your life will be better elsewhere. The present place is the place where you live your life and to experience the fullness of your learning and you must learn to be where you are.

Thinking that your life will be better at another time, in another place or when you have ascended or reached higher vibrations removes you from the most powerful place you can be, in the present . There are reasons you have chosen this experience, the place you are in, your and the reality you have created. Your is not to focus on the future and hope that it will be better, it is to use the of the present and shift it into its highest possible expressions. Everything exists in multiple vibrations and your intention to connect to the highest ones will allow you to be in alignment with them.

The paradigm is one that humanity has lived with for eons, it is the foundation of the third dimension and is also why there is free will. But when free will is used to perpetuate the victimhood you have all suffered through, then you believe that life beyond what you know is better and that when you reach that place you will be blessed. The blessings you seek are where you are, when you can learn to "be" where you are and find your power, strength and courage in each moment.

The most powerless situations express your victimhood and that is where you resonate until you can find a higher expression for your energies. How can you be powerful within this moment and place, transform the energy and stay mindful of the present instead of trying to escape into the future? All of your power and your ascension exist in this moment, so be within it, learn from its energies, choose those you wish to experience and let the transformation begin. You have chosen this place, this moment and this lesson for your soul's healing and growth. If you are not fully within it, you are not within your life purpose and path. And as soon as you can "be" in this moment, you create new possibilities for the release of the victim paradigm and new realities where you express your highest energies to create your highest potential.

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