Jan 30th 2011

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Partaking From the Solar Winds

Note: The KA BODY


This message deals with the KA body (a term from ancient Egyptian Alchemy), and discusses how you can utilize this unique -body to draw to yourself ascension-energies from increased solar activity.


For those unfamiliar with the KA—
your KA body  is an “invisible” second body
that is the same shape and size
as your physical body.


This both
envelops the physical body
and interpenetrates it.

This body is sometimes referred to as
the etheric double  or spiritual twin.

The KA  shares similarities with what is called
the Chi body  in some traditions (Taoism)
and with the  pranic body  or  etheric body
in certain yogic traditions.

By its nature, the KA can draw to itself,
and then into the physical body,
highly BENEVOLENT energies that
accelerate one’s spiritual evolution.


The Message


You are now entering
a more volatile time
in terms of planetary change.


Your Sun, the solar star of your planetary system, is increasing its energetic potential and is entering a period of increased volatility, solar flares and magnetic storms.


While these actions will create real problems for you in terms of your and weather patterns, there is also an immense evolutionary potential within this solar activity that we wish to discuss.


Like you, your Sun
has an etheric body,
a solar KA, if you will.


This etheric body of the Sun
extends millions of miles
beyond the boundaries of the Sun itself.


Your Earth is well within this
auric field of the etheric sun, and,
as the solar flares and solar winds
that drive charged particles
through your vicinity affect you physically,
they also affect you etherically.


Indeed, these very charged particles
that pose a challenge
to your physical dimension
are a type of nourishment for your KA,
your own etheric body.


Your mental attitude and
emotional/vibratory state
is what determines whether these
solar particles are a
source of nourishment and evolution,
or rather a source of
annoyance and de-evolution.


In this message we do not intend to discuss the many physical challenges that will emerge for you during this period of increased solar activity, rather we will focus on things that will assist you to take the greatest evolutionary advantage of what is occurring with the Sun of your solar system.


Just as there are eruptions of fire and from the Sun during solar activity, so too, there are bursts of spiritual or interdimensional light from within your KA body.



Indeed, from one perspective,
increased solar activity equates
with an increased activation
of your own personal KA.


There are several things we suggest regarding taking advantage of this evolutionary catalyst.


Solar Winds


This catalyst of which we speak will extend well beyond 2012 and has to do with the flow of what we call the solar winds.


These are distinct flows
of photonic and magnetic energy
that pass through and
around your Earth.


By opening yourself to these
distinct forms of energy, and
by incorporating them into your
KA body, you strengthen your KA
and greatly accelerate the
ascension process for yourself.


As these solar energies increase,
so will the volatility and uncertainty
of your physical world,
as well as your mental and emotional worlds.


Irrationality and impulsive behavior
will be on the rise.
Challenges to cognitive functioning
and memory will also take place
during heightened cycles of solar activity.



Understanding Solar Energies



The first step in utilizing these solar energies for your ascent in consciousness is to understand their nature and not to resist their effects.


It is important to understand
that the causative agent in the
increased solar activity at this time
is not originating from within the Sun itself,
but rather it is originating from the
Central Sun of your own galaxy.


This flow of highly catalytic energies
from the Central Sun to your Sun
is the primary reason for the
evolutionary potentials of this
particular cycle of solar activity.



In turn, the Earth herself
is also being affected,
especially through her KA—
her own etheric body.


No Escape-Ride It Out-You Choose



So the first thing to understand is that there is no escape from this evolutionary catalyst. You are here to ride it out, whether you like it or not.


So the first step is not to resist that which is imminent.


The second step is to embrace it and to utilize these energies with mastery—to ride the tail of the dragon, so to speak.


In this instance, the dragon is referring to the Sun itself and the tail to the solar winds.



You can ascend to
great heights in this period,
if you but find the
courage and method
to do so.


The third step in this utilization of the solar winds is to allow them to affect your KA directly, through an invitation, and this is done through your heart.



Specifically you choose,
through an act of personal will,
to enter into the vibrational harmonic
of appreciation or gratitude.


It is important to understand why we are suggesting this. You are not expressing appreciation or gratitude to the universe for the solar winds, per se



You are choosing to enter into
one of these high emotional states
because they will create
an Energy Attractor.



In other words, you are entering into a state of appreciation or gratitude for pragmatic reasons.


These emotional states increase
the receptive harmonics of your KA,
which transforms your entire KA body
into a receptive vortex,
drawing to itself the



photonic and magnetic
energies of the Sun,


rapidly accelerating the
rate of vibration within your KA,
your own etheric body.


And it is through your KA that you enter into the ascension process.There are, needless to say, many paths and ways to enter the ladder that leads upward into higher states of consciousness, but regardless of how it is done, or through what spiritual lineage it is accomplished,


the KA, your KA, is the foundation.



Creating an Energy Attractor


In this simple but highly effective method, you place your awareness in your second body, your KA.



This energy body is the same shape and size as your physical body, but it is energetic in nature, rather than made of flesh and blood. It permeates every space of your body, and thus every cell of your body is within the KA.



Your KA is also highly receptive
to subtle energies especially to
all forms of light and to the
charged photons and magnetic energies
that comprise the solar winds.



As you rest your awareness in your KA,
you consciously and intentionally
generate the feeling-state of
appreciation or gratitude
through an act of personal will.



This shifts the harmonics of your KA
to a higher vibratory rate,
which is necessary for it
to become an Energy Attractor.



As you continue to hold yourself
in the emotional harmonic of
appreciation or gratitude,
know (realize) that you are
immersed in the
photonic and subtle energies
of the solar winds.



You are literally
bathing in these energies
whether you are
consciously aware of them or not.



As you hold this awareness,
along with the emotional state of
appreciation or gratitude,
your KA will automatically
draw into itself the
ascension-enhancing energies
of the solar winds.


Spend as long as you can in this state of high receptivity, partaking from the solar winds, and allowing your KA to receive these potent transformational and uplifting energies.


You will benefit greatly from the solar winds if you regularly and often engage this simple method.



The Crystal Palace Within Meditation



We also suggest that you experiment, from time to time,
on a regular basis, with the sound meditation
we gave previously entitled The Crystal Palace Within.


Links to the instructions for the meditation,
which include the audio track for this sound meditation:
Link to the Instructions and audio file for the Crystal Palace Within Sound Meditation


Activate the Pineal – Crystal Palace Within & Open the Halls of Amenti



12-12 Pineal Stargate3 Adventure





As we view your current probable future,
you collectively stand before a great storm.



The birthing of this tempest is
from the very heart of the cosmos
and is nothing less than the
harbinger of immense change.




Do not fear its intensity.



Embrace it and ride it to the
heights of your own consciousness.



By doing so, you will become
a light to yourself and to each other.


The Hathors.  
January 3, 2011
(Information given January 3, 2011; posted January 27, 2011.)

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations



The Hathors’ method for Creating An Energy Attractor is the central crux of this message. Having worked with it many times and in multiple situations, I can honestly say it delivers the goods. And it is well worth the attention of those who wish to experiment with ascension energetics, especially during such optimal times as these for accelerated evolution (a’ la the solar winds).


One of the beauties of this simple, yet elegant method, is that it builds the KA quite rapidly, and it can be done without any hocus pocus, meaning you can get right down to it in a few minutes without any preliminaries.


But there are some critical transition phases in the method that I think would prove helpful to elucidate further.


A bit of caution is advised.



Before we continue, I feel it would be good to insert a caution here.


This is not a method for
idle curiosity seekers.

Charging the KA body
with extra energy is a
potent and profound undertaking,
which should not
(in my opinion)
be entered into lightly.


One reason for this is that
as the KA becomes energized
there will be a marked increase
in the likelihood that you will
experience the physical world
as illusionary.


For instance, after particularly strong sessions with the Method (i.e.,

Creating an Energy Attractor) I often (though not always) experience my KA as just as vividly real as my physical body. In these instances, I am aware of my physical environment as usual (through my five senses), but it has a surrealistic tonal quality, and I sometimes have the distinct impression that I am in two bodies simultaneously—my physical and my KA.


This is, in point of fact, one of the primary shifts of attention that can take place when working with the KA. And I think one would do well to be aware of this possibility. Thus, when/if it arises, you won’t think that you are losing your mental grip on reality—which is why I am belaboring this point.


I think it is fair to say
if you practice the Method,
you will eventually
sense physical reality in new ways—
especially when your KA
reaches critical mass. 

By critical mass I mean those moments
when your KA has been charged
to such an extent that it
affects your perception of reality.


In these moments, you may continue to, and probably will, experience the world through the five senses, but you might also see through the play of Maya (the illusion of the senses and the sensorial world). This can be amusing, exhilarating and blissful, or quite disorienting, quite frankly.


In point of fact, charging the KA can result, as I mentioned earlier, in the very odd perception of having two bodies simultaneously—one physical and the other energetic. While this is actually a sign of progress in terms of the KA’s development, it can be mentally challenging if you aren’t prepared for it.


Mental disorientation caused by seeing the world as an illusion should not be underestimated, especially if you are not prepared intellectually and philosophically for such a perception.


This, of course, brings us to
a philosophical conundrum—

is the world real or is it an illusion
perpetrated by the
dance of subatomic particles
driven by the quirks and
quarks of the quantum realm?



For me, it (the world)
is both real and unreal.
And what determines
our perception of it
depends upon what is
happening in our brains,
and in the case of the KA,
our etheric twin as well.



The Niyama of Ethical Constraint



I personally feel that anyone who
chooses to charge his or her KA
with ascension-energetics
needs to have some
philosophical underpinning
regarding personal ethics—
i.e., what you will allow yourself to do,
and what you will not allow yourself to do.


The reason for this is that
as your KA becomes energized,
certain types of mental/spiritual powers
will naturally arise.



It is also vital to understand (in my opinion) that sometimes life-negative aspects of your consciousness may also arise as well. This inherently uncomfortable situation (i.e., the humble realization that there is something negative within you) is actually an opportunity for greater self-insight (if you choose to embrace self-awareness over unconsciousness).


Very simply put, the Niyama of Constraint helps you by placing a boundary on behavior, whether overt (meaning in the outer world) or subtle (meaning in the inner words).


It is up to you to determine what ethical constraint you choose. But for those who have not thought about this much,


I offer a simple, highly beneficial niyama:

“I shall strive to remain harmless to myself and others.”


By striving to be harmless to yourself and others, you create a mental ally that will serve you, and others, as you climb the Ladder of your own consciousness to higher states of being.


But… if you are unwilling or unable to embrace this simple constraint on behavior, or another of your own choosing, then I strongly suggest you stay away from this way of building your KA.



Practical Suggestions



According to the Hathors,
everyone alive is going to be
affected by the solar winds,


whether they invite
the energetics or not.


For some of us, these energies
are going to be downright maddening
and difficult to contend with.


Others of us will use these
same energies to elevate and
move up the tonal scale
of ascended awareness.


There are many degrees or gradations of the ascension process, and if you have not previously read the Hathor message entitled The Art of Jumping Timelines, I suggest you consider doing so. It explains the basic concept of ascension and how to engage it.  You can find it in the Hathor Archives of our website.


If you are prepared for the rapid expansion of awareness and activation of your KA that this method brings, I have a few practical suggestions.


First of all, find your balance point. As you work with the Method you will find your own personal comfort zone, meaning how much increased energy in your KA you can tolerate. As you continue to work with the Method, you will be able to handle more energy. But don’t push the river, so to speak. Be gentle with yourself and be moderate.


I also don’t suggest doing this just before going to sleep, or you might not sleep! Again, each of us is different, and some of you may find it to be a great sedative. I do not.  


Transition Phases of the Method



There are three fundamental phases in this technique.



First Phase

Place your awareness in your KA body, your spiritual twin or your ethteric double as it (the KA) is sometimes referred to. Since the KA is the same size and shape as your physical body, the inner space of your entire physical body is interpenetrated by this energy body.



Second Phase

As you hold your focus of attention on the entire KA body (from your head to your toes) shift your emotions into the harmonic of appreciation or gratitude. You do this by simply remembering the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. This creates the harmonic required for building the Energy Attractor. This emotional tone is absolutely necessary for creating the Energy Attractor as the Hathors describe it in their message.



Third Phase

Continuing to focus your mental awareness in your KA and simultaneously holding the harmonic of appreciation or gratitude, realize (know) that you are in a sea of photonic and magnetic energies. You are immersed in the solar winds without having to do anything. Once you successfully hold this concept along with attention in your KA and holding the harmonic of appreciation or gratitude, your KA will automatically start to draw in the ascension-enhancing energies of the solar winds.


This may be a tricky phase for beginners
since the photonic and magnetic energies
of the solar winds do not present themselves
through the five senses.

These energies are too subtle
to be detected via the senses.

However, the KA body
can and will detect them and
will draw them into itself much like
(to use a biological metaphor)
a plant senses the presence of water
and draws the water into itself as needed.


Again, each person is unique in how he or she perceives the physical world and the subtle worlds of consciousness. Part of the discovery process that comes with the creation of an Energy Attractor is to find out how these subtle photonic and magnetic energies present themselves to you. As you continue to work with the Method you will become more familiar and comfortable with how you personally experience these unique subtle energies.



An Experiment in Consciousness and Healing



One of the fascinating things about this method of drawing energy to the KA is that it can be used to send healing and to the physical body as well.


Since the KA interpenetrates
every space of the physical body,
there is no tissue, organ or system
that is outside the KA.



As a result of this, it is possible
to draw ascension-energetics
(i.e. via the solar winds)
not only into the KA,
but also into the physical body.



This is, of course, a theoretical statement that will need to be proven as true, or not, by you through direct experience—your experience.


I call this application of the Method
(i.e. Creating an Energy Attractor)
An Experiment in
Consciousness and Healing
because each of us will
find our own way to work with
the healing potentials of this
that are unique to us.



Perhaps a few things I have noticed when working in this way with myself will prove helpful to others:


My own personal experience is that after I draw the energetics of the solar winds into my KA and let my KA body build itself for a while, I just shift my attention into any area of my body needing “healing,” and since energy follows awareness, the subtle energetics move from my KA into the area where I am focused.


This is not concentration.
I repeat, not, concentration.
It is as easy as taking a breath
or lifting a feather.
The subtle energetics in your KA
will move effortlessly
anywhere in your body
you move your attention to—
if you allow the movement.


As the flow of subtle energy flows
from my KA into an area of my body
needing “support” or “healing”
I feel the tissues in those areas
being energized somewhat like,
though considerably less intensely,
than when my KA is being
energized by the solar winds
(i.e. via the Energy Attractor).



For me this energizing of my cells
shows up as a physical sensation
that is either comforting
and/or energizing in the
area where I am focused.


Sometimes there are various
presentations of
interdimensional perceptions
such as light and sometimes even
inner  (or psychic) sound.


If you choose to explore this realm of possibilities for yourself, you will, no doubt, become familiar with how you experience the subtle energies of healing as they flow into your physical body from your KA.


One thing to take into consideration
is that healing and transformative
energies from the KA
have a faster vibratory rate
(in relation to the physical body).


Thus, you may find a type of
psycho-spiritual detox taking place
if there is a lot of energetic-congestion
in an organ or area of the body
where you are focusing.


It is certainly possible to send healing and transformative energy from the KA to an area of your physical body without having any uncomfortable reactions.



However, if you do experience discomfort, especially of the mental/emotional kind, you might consider reading an article I wrote some time ago entitled—Psycho-spiritual Detoxification: Thoughts and Observations—which you can find in the Articles section of the website.


My other suggestion is to drink some water if you have experienced a particularly strong response in your physical body after doing the Experiment (in Consciousness and Healing).



Final Thoughts

I suggest experimenting with the Method (just building the Energy Attractor by itself, as described by the Hathors) in short sessions to begin with.



Find a time and space where you won’t be interrupted.


Five to ten minutes is more than enough time to begin with.


After you charge the KA, spend a few minutes sensing your KA, your physical body, and your immediate environment as it presents itself to you through your five senses. This sensing of your KA, your physical body and the environment will help you to integrate the charged energies more effectively.


Remember, the reality of the KA
does not circumvent the
reality of the physical world
or your physical body.

It is an enhancement to the physical;
it is, in fact,
another dimension of consciousness.


It is a totally subjective call on your part as to how long and how often you work with the Method.



Besides entering this work
with curiosity, I think one of the
most important things is to
be joyful when creating
an Energy Attractor.



After all, as a creator,
wouldn’t you want joy to be
part of what you create?


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