27 February 2011

Erin Mackley

Telosians & : There is Only Love For You

Beloveds, this is Adama your Brother speaking. In the of , there are Angels who guide the steps of each individual. Therefore, none is led astray. There is never any doubt or fear as to whether we are being guided in the correct direction. Therefore, we are always free to make the choices we feel are best, in our hearts. There is no right or wrong in this kind of – it is all wholesome. We cannot make an error, because there is no sin. The primal innocence was never destroyed and we are always in alignment with our Creator.

You can be this way, too. Give yourself a break. Let your arms be enfolded around your own heart, let your heart be embraced as great love enfolds you now… It is Now that we are ever with you and we won’t ever leave you, we will always be present to give a “hello,” no matter the circumstances, love of our hearts.

There is nothing you can do to make us hate you or dislike you. You can never commit any atrocity that will cut our love off from you, to remove our hearts from your heart. It is a never-ending circle of caring and we are a part of it, so don’t worry about right or wrong now. Feel the heartbeat of love and that is your guiding light. It’s love that created the whole Universe, so how better to guide your own soul than by that Love.

Namaste, our dear ones. We are forever your circle of friends.