8 February 2011 – 7:05pm   Channeler:  Solara An-Ra

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Many of you are almost obsessed with the centres you call the chakras. Chakra this, chakra that, chakra oils, chakra crystals, chakra bowls – and these are only the centres within your physical body! You do not pay enough attention to the centres within your aura, and to your outer in general, and to the connection of your sacred Light geometry within your .

But we will say this – the time which has been on Gaia has been a time of MANIPURA distortion. This is the chakra. The age of Pisces, these some 2,000 years, has been a time of Manipura or distortion, so that you have moved into a place where you do not understand what power means. We speak not specifically about you , dear ones, but about the human race – about the civilisation as it has been on your planet Terra.

The perception of power and 'being in one's power' has been entirely distorted. There has been consciousness – between yourself and you Higher Self; between one country and another; between you in your little household box and the boxes around you – wishing that your box is superior to their box; wishing that your town or city is superior to another; wishing that your country is superior in some way – sometimes even through your primitive sporting events!

This has been propagated consciously you understand. You have been placed into boxes of separation consciously, and all of this has been registered in Manipura – comparing yourselves with each other; wanting to be like another – this is a Manipura issue. At the same time this wonderful sun chakra at your solar plexus is your point of greatest power!

As you are able to let go of separation consciousness, so that you do not desire to be better or higher or prettier or cleverer than any other one – as you accept yourself perfect exactly as you are – so you start to come into a place of peace! As you come into a place of peace, you are more easily able to access your inner power, which comes from accepting yourself and following the urgings which activate your gifts.

These aspects involve dissolving the barrier between Manipura (the solar plexus chakra) and Anahata (the heart chakra), and the barrier between Anahata and Manipura. For the heart centre, with it’s infinite capacity for unconditional love, will assist you in moving into a place of peace, in which your willpower, courage and determination is activated. As this is activated within Manipura, so your heart centre is empowered, that it may be strong and not so vulnerable. For many of you have suffered from this vulnerability of heart because your hearts are not connected with your solar plexus power!

Is it not so, in your society, that power is not automatically associated with peace? And yet we say to you, each one of you, that when your power is truly with you, what you experience is a sense of peace. And so we will advise you to do this meditation which has been given, which is called ‘Dissolving the Veils’. Dissolving the veils between Manipura & Anahata – it will be of great benefit, and we are in great joy in anticipation of your through this means.

On the Heart Chakra

We are fond of reminding you of the words of the Master Jesus ‘As you give, so you receive’. Let us now add, ‘As you receive, so you are more able and free to give.’ For many of you are giving, giving, giving, without an equal ability to receive.

When you give love, your energy should not leave you – the of the God-Goddess should empower you as it flows through you – a giving of love from yourself which dis-empowers you or drains your energy means that the love is not unconditional – that there is some aspect in which that which you give involves trying too hard or giving away your power.

As you learn to receive and accept compliments, gifts and acknowledgement of your beauty – as you learn to receive these and to say ‘Thank you, I know that this is true. Thank you, I know that my voice is beautiful. Thank you, I know that my eyes are divine. Thank you, I know that I am truly gifted and that I have much to offer.’

This idea is likely to bring tears to your eyes is it not? – for it is the healing of your misperception that you are not worthy!

In great love, we wish you namaste.

Listen to the Dissolving the Veils' Meditation here http://www.solara.org.uk/meditation.aspx?element=102

Love love love

Solara An-Ra, Warrior of the Light