Hello, I am Kiran Relangi from Southern . By profession I am a Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Reiki Healer and Body Language Trainer. In my practice I have done many LBL (Life Between Life) sessions and have had messages from Masters, Angels, Aliens, Elementals and other beings. I too have undergone LBL myself either through hypnosis or in deep meditation sessions or while doing Theta Healing.

Since I taught my wife Hypnosis and started undergoing sessions with her two years ago, I have been getting lessons and messages from Buddha (My Spirit Guide) and various other guides and angels. After Reiki and Angel Meditations I've started getting messages in my meditations too.

What I am about to share is a message that I received from Fairies when I underwent Hypnosis session with my wife on Jan 11, 2011 (Tuesday). I am simply pasting the written notes that I did soon after the session:

"Geetha (my wife) used a differnt technique this time and moved me through the cosmos as a part of deepening technique….. (some other healing followed)…

"Buddha (my Spirit Guide), as usual, put his arm on me and took me along with him. I found myself somewhere in the cosmos – open in space among a group of beings. There were all sorts of them – Angels, Aliens, Fairies, Elves and many more strange forms and beings. I understood this was some sort of a celestial meeting and these were all planners. Geetha asked me what they were planning and I asked them. They simply said ‘all sorts of things’. Maybe it is not time yet for me to find out.
One of the Fairies asked me to follow her. She was a very beautiful looking fairy with violet and golden robes. Her hair was a golden too. She took me away with her. She took me to a beautiful forest. There was greenery everywhere, the trees were healthy, tall, and well spaced apart, and were surrounded by thick green creepers. Lush grass sprouted in abundance all over the ground. Even creatures that were extinct on earth were here. It seemed like Earth but somehow also seemed to be in a different dimension. But the whole place appeared frozen in time.

"The fairy told me that this was another dimension of the Earth that was frozen and preserved so that Earth could be restored to this is former glory, beauty, and strength based on this ‘etheric blueprint’ in near future (probably after the shift, I assumed).
The fairy asked me to start manifesting and to spread the word to others to manifest this reality on earth. She said manifestation will speed up the process and would heal the earth faster. I agreed.

"Then she took me into a beautiful thicket and offered me a red apple. I took a bite of it and it was mouthwateringly delicious. It was so juicy, tasty, succulent that I couldn’t seem to have enough. I realized the fairy was giving me a taste of future so I would be really motivated to manifest strongly. After eating the apple, I was concerned about where to throw the kernel. But it simply flew out of my hand. It floated into the sky and out into the space. Puzzled, I followed it and the fairy came with me.

"I saw the seeds from the fruit were reaching out to another planet. The fairy explained to me that after our Earth is restored to its former beauty, it would act as a nursery for cultivating and spreading seeds to other planets. She showed me a couple of planets and they were in a more miserable state than the Earth today. On one planet, much smaller than the Earth, there was grayish dirt everywhere and hardly any water was visible. What moisture was there was in the firthy marshy soil that covered the whole ground and alien creatures were living in that filth. The second planet was as large as Jupiter, absolutely barren, dry, and empty – devoid of any life. I felt revolted at the sight of the planets (especially the smaller one with aliens on it) and thought our Earth would soon become like them if we don’t mend our ways.

"The fairy led me back to the council of the celestial beings….(other healing followed)…"

The message to manifest that 'etheric blueprint' back on earth was strong and clear. So after a few days of thought I, my wife and w couple of my colleagues started this blog where we shared this message and urged people (especially lightworkers) to manifest a green earth. We have started group manifestation events and since one of my colleague is a Spiritual Astrologer, we are having these group events on special days favorable for manifestation and healing.

Please join us Lightworkers and Wayshowers! I would be glad for you inputs and thoughts on this.

The blog is manifestgreenearth.wordpress.com
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Next Group Manifestation Event is scheduled on 03 Feb, Wednesday Evening 6pm (IST). The day is favorable for manifestation so if the time is not convenient please do it any time of the day.