29 January 2011 – 12:41pm |  blueray33

 ~~~~~~**  Dear friends  ~  This is a message for all of you from White Tara concerning the many experiences and shifts in consciousness we are all going through everyday. It can be quite confusing at times not knowing what all of it means, so here is an explanation that I am sure will help many.    **~~~~~~~


With Divine Love and Oneness I wish to allay some confusion, possibly for some of you, concerning the of this . This is not an easy by any means,  and everyone of you have suffered in the letting go of the old in order to bring in the new. Many painful memories have been brought to your attention to face again and realize that what happened in the past cannot be changed. All experiences on earth are valuable tools for spiritual and also personal human growth. Being human, unfortunately these experiences tend to be imprinted and stored in the subconscious along with its .

One of your etheric bodies that is very close to your physical is the emotional . All of you by now would have experienced facing old traumas and hurts, as far back as early childhood, and for some even remembering childbirth. The emotional needs to be cleared of all its stored negative energies pertaining to previous hurtful experiences.   Light needs to fill the space where there was once hurt, anger, despair, jealousies etc. Like the attic of a house that is stored with memories, but very rarely gets a spring clean. 

What I would like to point out to you today is the sometimes confusing ups and downs of . Everyone would love to feel up all the time, enjoying the carefree feeling of living life above earth level. Many wonderful spiritual experiences and awakenings occur in this higher state of consciousness. Unfortunately, there still must be those days when we need to come back down to earth and disconnect for as long as necessary, with these higher states. All of your ascension details are carefully worked out by not only your higher-self, but by all the enlightened beings who have chosen to assist others by coming down etherically to be by your side and help oversee the process. A very carefully worked out process it is, tailor-made for each individual soul. Please be patient with yourself when you wake up one morning and find that you are back on solid again.  There is either more clearing to be done, more emotional sorting out, or even there are times when you have reached a certain level of the spiritual ascension that you need to descend again and into these new energies you have attained.

When One finds themselves back on solid ground again, please do not feel discouraged. You all still have a life to live, and by bringing your new state of energetics back into Mother Earth, she also integrates these energies as part of her ascension. It is all a well-planned process. You are never left alone, please be assured of this and bring this knowledge of being nurtured into your hearts to remind you everyday. You are so dearly loved by all of the spiritual helpers surrounding you, even when you feel cut-off from everyone, including yourself. That separation feeling is generally always caused by fear. Even not feeling your own self is a lack of spending time alone to nurture yourself and spend time communing with and in nature. Nature is a , untainted by hatred, jealousy, and all the other negative vices that plagued humankind.

So in conclusion my dear friends, please spend time being at peace within yourself. Enjoy all that Mother Earth has to offer you. Feel the wind blowing through your hair and dancing through the leaves of a tree. Open your eyes and really see just how magical this beautiful planet is. Always give gratitude after a clearing and recognize the significance that this will have on your life. Show reverence to yourself more, and your journey through life. When you look at a "stranger", remember the concept of Oneness and share a smile with them. Everyone needs and sometimes craves for love and  – that they too are an important soul on this planet. Whether you are Royalty or a pauper makes no difference to the Divinity within. They are all roles that we play on our earth journey. Practice Oneness on a daily basis, wherever your daily life takes you, even if it is only within oneself. It is the of Oneness that is  important, then comes living in the Knowing of Oneness.

With great Love, Compassion and Blessings of inner peace and joy,  I AM White Tara – always at your side whenever I hear your call.

Namaste. "


Shared with Love
Tara **~~~