God said:

in the world is like an avalanche that keeps coming or like a fresh waterfall. You are your own destiny. You are the and the reactor. You ad lib. You also memorize lines. You are a car that steers itself. With sight or without sight, you steer, and you follow. is a surprise only because you couldn’t see around the bend.

One point on an unseen map nevertheless leads to another point. In one sense, your life has been mapped out. Somehow you followed it. Perhaps your map is ever-changing. Perhaps the route was not mapped out until the you reached a place. You set your life as you go along. Was there an irresistible force that led you to go this way and not that way? Could your have been destined, or was it a spur of the moment decision? Were you the decider or not? Certainly, there was a , or was there? If you made a , when did you make it? Was there really a to make, or, at the moment, was there only one way open for you to go on?

If there had been two ways open for you, or a dozen, and you chose only one, what drove you to that choice, if anything?

You had a choice whether to keep going or not. Or did you even have a choice to go or to stay? Before you chose the way you were going to go, could you have meantime had a picnic or taken some photos?

The sun changes every moment. Does the sun choose its orbit, or did the sun choose long ago, and yet make his choice perpetually? There are so many factors. The position of a tree, a branch, a leaf, a mountain. I think the sun is happy to go where it goes. The path the sun takes is new to him. Each day it’s new. Each day it’s a new beginning. The sun is a tried and true traveler, and so are you.

In your life, there is no repetition except as you think so. The sun does not have wild thoughts. The sun is too busy covering its territory to think of unseemly events. The sun is never tired. The sun is not in a rut, for every moment is a new day for the sun, a new sunrise, a new trail to follow, a new never-seen before light seeming to circle the even as the circles the Sun.

Are you the Sun or the Earth? Is the Earth your body and the light of the sun your soul? Who are you anyway, and what are you doing? What is the sun doing but fulfilling its path, even as it stays still? And you, the same, even when you don’t grasp what it is you are doing or when or why or how.

All you really know is that you seemingly are somewhere doing something, playing at life. You do a pretty good job of it, or you fool everyone, or you fool yourself in passing.

The sun in the sky seems to go to sleep. It is said that there is a sunset and a sundown. The same goes for you. You go to bed at night, and you get up in the morning, and yet you have not been out of living your life. Like the sun, you keep rolling right along, so to speak. You are up to something. You are in the stream of life, and you follow an inner path that is of your making although some of the time you think you are simply riding the rapids.

Is life happening, or are you happening?