God said:

Welcome to My . Here is where you belong. If you have been seeking where you belong, I am telling you that you belong right here with Me where you have always been and never left. You always belonged.

And in the world that may or may not honor and welcome you, you also belong. You are My True Love, and I am Yours. It was always Us. You have been chomping at the bit. All the while, you were pacing in My heart. You were desirous of getting to where you already are. It&;s a little bit like someone who is searching for his keys, yet they were in his pocket all along. He had looked in his pocket, and, for the moment, he could have sworn that his keys were nowhere to be found.


You have wandered around in your own , and that can only be in My heart. Why don’t you lean back, take a deep breath, and know that you are in the Kingdom of My Heart, and in the Kingdom of My Heart is where you have always been. You have never been absent. You have been absent-minded. You have been absent-minded to a great degree. You were never lost. You were never away. You have always been front and center in My heart. There is nowhere else you could have been. There is nowhere else to be. You occupy My heart, and that is how I like it.

I say, “Welcome to My heart,” even though you did not just arrive. So I am reminding you where you are and where you live. In My heart, beloveds. In My . Feel the of My heart. Where you is where love dwells. Where you , the Highest Love dwells. It is a of course. The sun shines in My heart always. You are no stranger to the Heart of Hearts. You are not a newcomer. And yet you feel apart. And yet you feel not quite at home.

We can call you Rip Van Winkle who had a long sleep. When you wake up, it can take a while before you remember where you are and who you are. It is not discernment you need, however. Maybe you have not yet awakened. Unless you know your intimacy with Me, you have not yet awakened. Once you are awake, there is no doubt. Nevertheless, beyond a doubt, you are fast in My heart. You have never budged.

The sun shines on you always. You do have those dreams, however, in which ominous clouds appear. Open your eyes. Get out of the mainstream of the extant world. Look at Me. Look at yourself. No clouds of thought can block the sun of My heart. Only in your imagination can clouds block My sun or block yours. You have a heart of fulsome love. One day you will come to terms with that, and how happy you will be. How happy We will be.

And then you will be a Great One, and you will usher all to the awareness of where they are and who they are and what love is really all about and what they are about. It will be obvious that you are about love. Love was never your masquerade. Love was never an act. No matter how far away you may have felt from love, you were only kidding yourself. Now you know that love is not manufactured. Love is not a press release. Love is not the pitter-pat you may have thought it was. Love is a steady beat. It is the steady beat of One Heart beating as many hearts. There is no wilderness. There is no out there. There is only right in My heart.