God said:

In the forefront of love am I. I am the prow of the ship, and all else follows. What comes after follows what comes first. Even without awareness, the rear follows the front. Yes, even without awareness, you step in My footprints. Even when your footsteps seem to go in an opposite direction, no matter how far a-field, you are attempting to reach Me.


Static interferes. Such rumblings as , the stomping of power, even what appears to be the opposite of My love. Even that is a demand for love. You can only think that and its counterparts can bring you the power and the . You will come to the realization that all the power and of the world is a drop in the bucket compared to what is possible. The gratification of love or cannot compare. One tiny ant hill cannot compare to the glory of God. True glory comes from a different power. The world cannot offer it to you. The world can mislead you. It can inveigle you, and yet it cannot deliver. The power of the world is illusion, isn’t that obvious?

The glory of the world is only the glory of the world. It lasts but a and is gone. It cannot last. False glory can only be false glory. A parade lasts for a short time on a Sunday afternoon. It is a holiday. Holidays blink on and then are off.

The most powerful man on Earth is powerless. A chorus can dance at his will. Other men may bow to him. What is that worth? What is a moment of false glory worth? If you are the of the Mafia, or of a company, what exactly are you heading? Who is your entourage? You are useful to the others for a while. You cannot always even control a sneeze. Mortal man and his world can only come in last. What is all the gold in the world worth without Me? The of a race comes in by himself and thinks he’s won. All he has won is the regard of other men for a moment. I congratulate all the runners in the race and those who do not race as well.

The head of a household is the one who serves the most. Taking and grabbing is not serving. Self-serving serves no one. It grants but a tittle, and that dot of an I evaporates before the day is done. “More, more,” is the cry of the world. “Not enough, not enough,” is the cry of the world. The world is attractive, no doubt about that, yet the world is not everything. What man truly desires is the Kingdom. That is where true glory exists. What can equal the glory of God?

Money cannot. All the power in the world cannot. It is but a teaspoon of sugar. Love alone is the power and the glory. Self-serving is not love. Love covers a greater circumference. With love, the arrow points out, and it is many-directioned. It reaches everywhere.

Love covers the Universe. It covers . Love is all en-compassing. It follows a wide swath. Love cannot be smallness. Love doesn’t know how. A small is not a big . A has to be so big that there is no outline to it. A embraces. It does not exclude. A has no loose ends. A is ever-widening. A stands with arms outstretched. A such as Mine is all-inclusive. It is not restrictive. Restrictive means small-hearted. Exclusivity is small. It is a narrowing of the vessels. A is an ocean. It is not a little cove hidden away.

Come, join My heart. I wait for you.