God said:

If you knew the Greatness of your , how upset could you get? What would throw you? Would you get upset at all? For what purpose? What is the gain? Knowing as much or as little as you know, why would you spend a millisecond of time getting upset?

So, you broke a shoe lace. So, you tripped on the carpet. So, your computer is down. Tell Me, what is the disaster exactly?

So, your true love doesn’t love you. Or you fear so. So what if he or she does or doesn’t? What exactly is the calamity?

Ah, yes, I see. The sky is falling.

Do you crave calamities, beloveds? I wonder if you seek drama at all costs. Perhaps you would rather something be happening than nothing happen at all.

Go ahead. Take a break. Let nothing happen for a while. Let time stop. Let urgency go.

Even if you break a leg, take it in your stride. Bed rest for a while. A cast for a while. A crutch for a while.

Even if you get lost, how lost are you? You are somewhere. You will find yourself anon.

Even if your dies suddenly, you will get up from it and go on your merry way. You will be redeemed. You are redeemed. There is no need for redemption. You are not a hostage. There is not a price on your head. You have already been captured by . You will stand tall now. You will know up close what it is to be with God and all the treasures that accrue. You will begin to know what a treasure you are. You will begin to know all good things.

There is an ultimate. There is an ultimate beginning, beloveds. You are ultimately beginning. By that, I mean that you are taking off. You are rising high. Body dead or alive, you are rising high. It has been ever so. and in Heaven make room for you. Body dead or body alive, where do you think you are? Do you really think you are adrift on the bounding main?

You are with Me, wherever your body is or is not. That is the conclusion you will come to. Your body is not you. Your body is not even a semblance of you. Who doesn’t know that beauty is skin-deep, unless, of course, your beauty is deeper. You are collecting the beauty of your Being. Gradually, you add to the stockpile of your beauty until even you will know the beauty of which you are made. Your Beingness is beautiful. Your Beingness is beauty as is Mine.

You are not a cast-off. You are not a stowaway on a ship. You are not a stowaway on Earth. You are not an interloper. You are certainly not an interloper in Heaven. Step right up where you belong to be, here, with Me. Where do I belong but with you? And where would I belong but in Heaven?

Beloveds, the scars of the world can only be the scars of the world. Pain of the world can only be the pain of the world. Scars and pain are symptoms of illusion. Your made a mistake. Your made a whopper of a mistake as only can. Your scrounged for all kinds of reasons, and it found them. Nevertheless, the put together the wrong package. Wrong package or not, the is sure that it is correct. The whole world supports its correctness.

If there is suffering, the intellect has misconstrued. Until the intellect has a different way of seeing, it can only misconstrue.

You don’t have to be fooled by the intellect. There is another view in .