God said:

Once upon a time, your mind wandered far from where you were. Your mind wandered, yet you were in your appointed place. Your mind was not and is not the key of you. Although your is a great key, there is a soul in the of you that opens up the whole Universe. The soul delivers to you. It is the dawn that brings the steady sun. There is no darkness of soul, beloveds. If you do not see, it’s just that you are perhaps turned in another direction, or you have covered your eyes, or covered your soul with the trappings and trimmings of life on . Just as, if you do not hear, you may have covered your ears.

What would happen if you believed in yourself? Then you would be believing in Me, for We walk together. Of course, I do not mean that you believe in your separateness. It doesn’t make sense for you to believe in yourself more than you believe in Me. I suppose that We could say that you ride on My shoulders. We accompany each other. I guide, and yet you steer. And yet I am looking out for you. Never think I trip you up. We ride together. We ride as One. You may steer, yet you don’t always know where you are going. You don’t always know where you have been. You don’t always know where you are right now.

You can repeat words you have heard, yet that is not the same as knowing where you are and what you are doing. You may tell a good story, and yet you may not have a clue. The fact is that We are riding high in the saddle. We gallop through life at the of light, and yet there is no hurry. There is no to no hurry in. There is no time. Light there is. Follow the light.

You are not chasing moonbeams. Can the light even of a moonbeam see itself? It can see an Eternal Light shining brightly within itself. Yes, the light within. The inward looks outward, and love captures itself.

There is spam that comes to your computer, and yet it does not come by itself. It is sent and sent repeatedly. You are not spam. You come from a Higher Source. You are not off an assembly line. You are birthed from the Heart of God. Even so, you stay within the Heart of God, or the Heart of God stays within you. In truth, there is no in or out. There is Oneness.

This is a new kind of math, and you only have to count up to one. If zero is the Wholeness of Everything, then it could be that one zero is all.

Do stars count themselves? There is -ness. There is light. What other details are necessary to know? All you have to do is to look at a , and you have deep knowledge of a and all stars and the nature of stars. The light of the stars permeates you. The light enters you. How does starlight enter and light up your heart? Is it through the eyes? It may also enter through the pores of your skin. Starlight seeps in and becomes you. You are born from the stars. A of you was placed on Earth. You came to Earth, and the light of stars bounced to Earth with you, and you and I and the stars and the light of the stars are One Light that reflects the Universal Light of itself everywhere in so many ways.