God said:

From whence cometh the Lord?

From everywhere. From mountaintops. From sea to sea. From the ether. From . From far beyond the shores of world life. From whence do I not come?

The point I want to make, however, is that I come from you. You bring Me here. It must be that I go where you go in order to be with you because, you and I, We are inseparable. Would I exist without you? What would I exist for? Would you exist without Me? What would you exist for and, without Me, how would you come to be?

I created a world so We could co-exist. All the lambs and lions are also My beloveds. They are My children as well, and I do not wish to hear any arguments about that. The stones are My children as well, and roses and weeds are My children. There is not a grape; there is not a prune; there is not a molecule that is not the Fruit of My Vine. All are . And you are a projection of Me. You are the star of the movie on the screen. From you comes the hero. From you, disguised, comes the villain. Even the villain may be a hero of sorts.

What you have that the and stones do not have is Free Will, yet, don’t forget, animals, plants, and stones have Consciousness.

You have all the Free Will in the world. You are not stuck in place. You may find yourself stuck in place, yet you can migrate. Even when your hands are tied, you can migrate, for, whatever is going on, you have Heart, and you have Mind, and you have Me. Your having Me is not dependent upon what’s going on. You are less bounded than the beloved animals and so on. You have Free Will. Of course, Free Will gives us the plots for all the stories. Without Free Will, you would also, in a sense, be stone. But you are not stone.

You are an animated Being, and you galumph here and there on the screen.

What’s going on on the screen is Life Blazing. We can call that the title of the movie you star in. We can’t very well call it Life with Nothing Happening. We could call it Life Seeming to Happen. We could call the movie A Departure from True Life. Every fact is fiction. Yet, within fiction, there is Shining.

In every Being, animate or inanimate, with Free Will or without Free Will, there is Truth Shining. Everything in the world is evidence of Me. Everything is I. I am All. I AM. I am that heart beating in your chest. I am that soul in your heart ever so silent and often unperceived. Yet I am the soul of you ever watchful. In fact, you don’t really miss a trick. You close your eyes quickly, yet there was the moment before you closed your eyes. You closed your eyes to something. It was not an accident. What was it that you thought you couldn’t accommodate? What did you think would make your heart burst? What flares did your mind send out so that you would close your eyes hastily?

Remember, you can even see with your eyes closed. You can see from sea to shining sea. You can see with your heart. You can see with your mind. And your soul sees all, knows all, is all. You are soul. You have soul, and you are soul. And I am your Counterpart. Know Me now. You do know Me.