God said:

Physical life is about breathing. Inspiration eases your breathing. Inspiration lifts the whole world higher. It allows the world to breathe. Inspiration is that which lifts the and expands the awareness. Inspiration opens new doorways.

Man is a creature who must have inspiration. There has to be some poetry in life. Without poetry, life is prosaic. Without poetry, life is hum-drum. Hum-drum is not for you.

No matter upon which mountain you stand, you require a higher . You’ve just got to climb higher. There’s no getting around it. Even if you have ten times more upliftment than yesterday, you’ve got to have more. Give yourself all the inspiration you want. Inspire yourself to aspire to more. There is a lot more to come. And it is for you. Your heart is supposed to have it.

What does inspiration cost? It costs nothing. It is a total gift. It is free. It comes to you willingly. You may also have to look for it. What you look for, you will find. Your life is on a scavenger hunt for inspiration. Nevertheless, inspiration surrounds you. It is right before you. Keep your eyes open. Inspiration wants to be seen.

There are many things that you may be seeking. All kinds of things, yet they are not inspiration. Now, today, I suggest you look for inspiration. See what you see. See what is right before you.

Inspiration is aspiration. Unless you are inspired, what will you aspire to? It is good to long for more. It is good to reach out further.

You are not looking for the plaudits of the world. You are looking to inspire others and to be yourself inspired. You are not looking for what the world will think of you. What the world thinks of you is not your inspiration. What the world thinks of you, even when the world favors you, doesn’t hold up. It is a let-down. You simply are not to the world. The world has other things on its mind. You are to Me. Come with Me today. Come with Me tonight. Come with Me.

I shall inspire you to come where love is waiting for you. Love held out its hand to you long ago. Love is rushing to you. Be inspired to receive it. Be even more inspired to shine your love where it can be seen. Sparkle the world with the light of your love.

Love is your magic wand. There is no other magic like it. Truly, the light of love lights up the world. Turn those lights on. You are the light-bearer. You are My Chosen One to share My light. Yes, I mean you, you right there. Come, stay with Me. Do not hesitate. This is what I ask of you, that you share My light. It is a natural thing to do.

I do not recommend that you eat up a whole box of chocolates yourself. I suggest you pass bon-bons around. Sharing is fulfilling. Self-serving is not fulfilling. Self-serving leaves you hungry, and leaves you hungry for you know not what. There is no way to fill up the hunger left by self-centeredness. You are left empty-handed. One chocolate after another, hand over fist, cannot satisfy. Only giving can satisfy. Only giving can fill you. That is the way of the land. Love is the rule of , and, all things being said, love is the rule of Earth. Selfishness may dominate, yet it doesn’t rule.