God said:

You know out of sight is not out of mind. Past and people occur to you again and again. I would say that, on one level, nothing is out of sight. When something does appear to your conscious vision, you may well have a spark of . You may feel: “I already knew this. Somehow I already knew this. Now that this has occurred, in some subterranean place, I always knew it would be so. And now it is so.&;

It is as if it had been encoded in you to go this way but not that, to move here and not there, to soar here and flag there. This is not deja vue. It is not that you consciously envisioned this beforehand. This is after the fact. “I knew it,” you may say to yourself. “I knew it.” A bell went off in a tender area within you, and now you know you knew.

Did a magnet draw you here and not there? A compulsion? An unnoted recognition? What about free will, you may ask yourself.

You have also had the contrary experience. You went down a path, and, afterwards, you say: “I knew I shouldn’t have. I knew that ’t for me. I wanted it to be for me. I am not even sure I was misled. I think in my , I knew all the time that this wasn’t for me.”

This is not an intellectual awareness that I speak of. The intellect may follow it, yet at the beginning, a bell went off, and somehow you knew it would.

Something was irresistible, and you couldn’t resist it. And now the attraction is over. You ate that , and you don’t have to eat it any longer. Or now the attraction is even stronger, and you would not resist it if you could.

I am that latter experience. Once you have caught a sight of Me, caught a sight of Me as if all by yourself, you are sunk. You are a goner. You might say you are under My spell, yet I do not cast spells. I was always inviting you to Me, and now you are where you always wanted to be. You didn’t know that before, yet now you do. You don’t want to go back then to a time that you had perceived as before God, before I was emblazoned before you.

In a way, you lived in a world without sun. And then one day, the sun rose, and all you could do was look at the sun. What else could you want to look at as much as you want to look at the sun? Just to look at the sun.

You don’t have to know all the workings of the sun. With the sun in front of you, you care about the sun and don’t have to know how it can be. You know it is, the same way you know when there is a rainbow before you. You have met. You have met the sun and the rainbow, and you have met Me. You haven’t seen Me. I am not seeable. I am knowable. And when you do first know Me, you have the realization that somehow you always did know Me. You know I am not a far-off stranger. You realize that you always did know Me intimately, that you were never without Me, never without My arms around you, never without My attention. Now you know Me like the palm of your own hand, like the beat of your own , like love running through you, like love running through everything. What a nice knowing this is. Imagine now how I feel when you have recognized Me and felt My Presence as never before, never before quite this moment of God.