God said:

To what end do you consult with angst? It seems that you explore it. You carry it with you as a talisman, as though angst were your luck charm.

You could be carrying easy-goingness, and yet you have chosen to carry angst and all its subsidiaries. One day you favor straight-out fear. Another day floating anxiety. Another day panic. I will not go into all of the vagaries of angst. You are familiar enough with the whole family.

I think you have gone on a ride you don&;t have to take. You don&;t require it. You have explored angst and all its shades as though you were duty-bound to know it intimately. Beloveds, you don&;t have to know angst. You don&;t have to worry and fret about one thing. You can take care of what you fret about if it is yours to take care of. And if you cannot take care of it, then let it go on its way. When whatever you have feared does come to pass and assault you, face it then when it appears. You don&;t have to face it ahead of . You don&;t have to fantasize it.

Let Us say you fear for the life of a loved one. Enjoy the time you have with a loved one. Why would you squander that time on worry when you could be loving your loved one now?

Do you see how practical I am, and how impractical you have been? what I . Do as I do. I carry the whole world in My heart. I don’t waste My time on worry. Of course, I am timeless. That is just the point. So are you.

We have Eternity to work things out. There is no end to anything. It never began, and it never ends. We just keep chugging along. Whistle a happy tune. Whistle while life works itself out. Do not be a doom-sayer. Be a light-bringer. When there is no ending, there can be no doom. Do not be so concerned with the finite. The is much more digestible. It is also more attractive. Consider the finite world an itch. Infinity is beyond itching. Infinity doesn’t swagger, yet it walks tall.

The finite world may crawl. It may kick. It may kick and scream. It may falter. The Infinite world knows none of this. The Infinite world knows what is meritorious and what to take note of.

You study the finite world. You try to figure it out. All the while, you could be riding in Infinity. The fact is that you do ride in Infinity. All the time that you are fussing with the finite world and perceived problems, you are sailing on the Good Infinity. What do you gain by seeing otherwise? Perhaps you give yourself the idea that you are a hands-on handler of the finite. Beloveds, the finite is handling you.

You are of two minds. You have eyes that swivel. You can look up. You don’t have to look down. Be the greatest problem-solver in the world, and problems will still greet you. They rise one after the other regardless. They will greet you, on your terms. They will greet you, and how problems love to be fussed over. They will gravitate to you who gives them the importance they desire. They will greet you like old friends, even though they just saw you yesterday.

Give well-being importance instead. Favor it. Make well-being your pet. Take it for walks. Make well-being and good fortune your attention-getters. Come, abide with Me.