God said:

You did a vanishing act. You vanished from yourself. You turned away from the beauty and vitality of yourself. What a thing to do. You looked for outside entertainment and forgot about the wealth within. Meanwhile, the inner beauty and vitality of yourself are vibrating within you, and you may not even have said, “Knock, knock, come out.” You have such depth and breadth within you wanting to come out and play with you. What fun you will have.

This inner partnership is very strong. will defeat it. will discourage it. It is ready and waiting for you at a moment’s notice, at no notice at all. Say the word and your inner brightness will come out and dazzle you with its splendor. This is the splendor of you I am talking about.

There are undeniable layers of you. You have stayed pretty much on the surface. You ’t even scratched the surface, beloveds. You are like the gold miners who dug for gold and just didn’t go deep enough. They skipped over a great gold mine, just as you may skip over the great gold within you.

Your inner wealth is not dismayed. It watches your contortions. It tries not to laugh when you say you have nothing to do or are bored. Your inner being says: “How can my partner conceive of boredom when there is all this light and love around, and it is already ours. We don’t even have to ask.”

Your inner being stays faithful to you. He will hang around as long as you want. It does make a difference to him, however. He wants to get the show on the road, so to speak. He is eager to dance with you for all the world to see. He wants you out on the dance floor. He wants to set the world on end. He knows it is time for the axis of the world to spin and for you to reach the stars.

What if the little you vanished instead of the mighty hero within? What if your personal importance took a hike? Then you would be without ego. All the things that matter to you, all the fronts, all the impersonations would lose their luster, and your true light would shine. Oh, it is dazzling, your true light. It is just like Mine.

Meanwhile, you play the piano of your little self, and the Piano bides its time. Who would play a spinet when he has a Piano to play? What is within you is no Baby . You’d better know that now. What you have within you is more powerful than an atom. What is within you contains all that can be.

You have everything and know little yet. Be wise and let go of all your programmed self and the programmed selves of everyone. It is only an act with a paid audience, so to speak.

Come out with more of what you truly are. Come out with more of Who you truly are.

Your inner self is the biggest thing there is. It is not meant to be hidden. We can say that your inner self is encoded, and yet it is not a code. It is the light and of life itself. It is your passport to . You have misplaced your passport. Well, you haven’t really misplaced it. It is right where it is, only you haven’t looked there. You have been looking everywhere else but where it is. To one degree or another, this is the case. Will the Real You stand up?

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