God said:

There is no reason to not enjoy life on .

Ouch, I hear the hullabaloo! I hear you say: “If You, God, had to have my boss at work…my teenager…my broken leg…my sick child… If You, God, had just lost your job, your house, your best friend… If You, God, just had a divorce, been wrongfully imprisoned, flunked a test, lost your credit cards…&;

I know I just cut you short because you can think of a few hundred more reasons why you can’t enjoy . All right, you want to go on? “If You, God, had a rash all over your face, lost your boyfriend, had indigestion, not enough money, no place to live, were hungry, were born blind, lost your legs, were tired, didn’t get sleep last night or the night before, got a speeding ticket…”

Beloveds, I rest My case.

There is someone with one or more of the problems listed who is enjoying life. I tell you what, you can even enjoy what is difficult.

Are you at the mercy of difficult times in life? Are you merely a yoyo? Are you a pawn of the Universe?

Are you My child or not? Whose child could you be?

You might as well be happy. All your troubles are going to wash away anyway. All you really have anyway is this moment of non-time. Any way, any way, any way. All you really have is this moment of Eternity with Me. That’s all there is, these seeming little increments of passing moments. This is it. In this very moment, there is the glory.

You can enjoy the heat, and you can enjoy the cold. You can enjoy even when your body suffers something, big or little. You can enjoy these strings of life. You can be something to yourself. You can be something to somebody else. On Earth, you always happen to be a moment of Me.

It is surefire right now that you are alive. You are alive in My , and you are alive on Earth. There is no end to what you can enjoy on Earth. So, start enjoying. Locate that which to enjoy. It’s all in your mind anyway. Your mind can think happy thoughts as well as unhappy thoughts. Thoughts are thoughts. If you can think one way, you can think another.

On one hand… On the other hand…

You can be short or tall and be happy. You can be fat, slim, sensitive, insensitive, naughty, nice, and be happy. You can be nervous and be happy. Life doesn’t have to be even-Steven for you to be happy. Life can be unfair, and you can be happy. Despite advantages, the rich are not happier than the poor. Despite disadvantages, the poor can be happy. Little or big things, you can be happy.

There is no reason for you to be unhappy. You can be unhappy about something, and that does not have to take over your life. The trouble can be going on, and you can still be enlivened in that moment. There are pieces of life, each strung after the other. Whichever bead of life you are at in this moment, you can be happy.

I suggest that you decide to be happy. You don’t have to be deliriously happy. Just even-natured. Just aware of your good fortune. Just that. If you are ill, you are being taken care of. If you are in , your body is in . Your mind doesn’t have to tell you that is all there is. If your heart aches, you have a heart that is even capable of aching. It all depends on what your mind makes of everything and what it tells you. Now you tell your mind: “My happiness is not dependent upon circumstances. My happiness is dependent upon what you, my mind, say, and what I take to heart.”