God said:

When you are aggrieved, put your hand over your heart, and your hand will be over My heart. We share heartbeats. You are in My heart always. When your hand covers your heart, you have also captured Mine. You plug in. Feel the tension . Of course, you understand, I have no tension. I have no worries. I fret over nothing. You could say that on an even keel. If you would like equanimity, press your hand to Our heart and feel the beat of .

Perhaps you prefer a tempestuous heart. It may well be you do. Perhaps you would rather feel overwrought than not wrought at all. It is a different kind of stimulation that My heartbeat . It is an underground passage, a terrain that only gentle snow. You may prefer a . You think a is exciting, and you know you are alive when there is a tempest.

One you will discover the wondrousness of silence and how it grows. You don’t have to know the opposite of silence in order to know silence. It is a myth that you have to know the opposite. You don’t have to have contrast to know peace.

Peace isn’t an interim, beloveds. Peace is the whole story. The silence of peace. The peace of silence.

Try not talking one whole day, and see how nice it is. You and silence make a great combination. You blend Me and the stars and the moon, and you become the sun that paints the .

The power of silence, the power of peace. The weakness of clatter, the weakness of noise. The louder noise is, the weaker it is. Noise is noise. That’s all it can be. Noise isn’t needed. Cacophony isn’t needed. Silence is needed. Silence is underlying. The foundation is mightier than bricks. Even though, in the children’s story, the little pig’s house was mightier than the straw and wood houses, brick is only brick. A foundation is greater than the sum of the bricks. Consider foundation unmoving silence and bricks noise. Bricks can come tumbling down.

I am your Sturdy Foundation. You are founded on Me. You will come to see that you can stand on your own two feet because you are firmly established in Me. I do not say you don’t Me. I say you have Me. You might as well . You might as well know that We are inseparable. We are incapable of being apart. We are one stanchion in Heaven and on Earth. We are It. We are in life together, and there is only life. The spark of life is light, and We are light. The spark of life is light, and light is also known as love. The foundation of life is love, and when the mist fades away, love is the surface of life as well. Love is all. There isn’t anything but love. Love alone is. There is not even a you, for love is grander than anything. There is love, and I AM love, and you ARE love, and love loves. Let Us be in love. Let Us be all that We desire, for, indeed, that is exactly what We ARE.

All the rest is story. In life, you wander through the story until you find yourself and you find Me. We are locked in an embrace. We are the Allness of Silence. After all, what is there to say when We are One and who is there to say it to?

Link: http://www.heavenletters.org/put-your-hand-over-your-heart.html