God said:

I love you. I also like you. I like your spirit. I like your stride. I like your in . takes courage because of your deep belief in the significance of your . You are so associated with your that you are deep down quite sure that you cannot exist without it. Of course, intellectually you may understand that your is a subsidiary of you, and, yet, naturally, your is precious to you. It has been more real than the Reality of you.

You have been scammed. You have been led to believe that you can’t live without your body. You focus on the existence of your body and what vitamin to take next, what cure will ensure the long existence of your body. I, too, wish good health to your body. It is a magnificent structure, and you can take photos of it, and you can look at yourself and know that you exist. You existed before this particular body, and you will exist after this body. We can say that your current body is a symbol of you. It is like a V for Victory. It is a B for Body. It is a B for Buddy, for you are long associated with this fleeting body. You don’t like to see it change.

All the attention on make-up is to disguise the fact that the human body changes and ages, and that yours does too. There is a great desire to close your eyes to this. And so you spend your life retracting the everlasting qualities that are truly your existence, your lifelong existence, your eon-long existence, your eternal infinite existence. Oh, My, yes, you are by no means limited to a body.

Bodies may go to hospitals, but not you, beloveds. You are irrespective of illness. You are irrespective of buildings. You are irrespective of everything but the essence of love that you are. You are long-lasting love. You are eternal love. You require no boundaries except you live inside one while you play at being a human being on . You make mud pies on .

You like boundaries and borders on Earth. You don’t like the idea that you could come to the edge of the Earth and fall off. You like the fact that you adhere to Earth, somehow stick to it. And you like to be made of bone and flesh which clearly your body is. You don’t know so much about the spirit that you are said to be. Can it be shown to you? Can you take a photo of it? Can you put beautiful clothes on it? What difference does it make, you wonder, that you have spirit? It makes all the difference in the world to you to have your body. It allows you to frolic on Earth.

The thing is that you are not Earthbound. You are not bound to the physical. You are also a behind the scenes. You are a mighty behind the scenes. You are a frequent flyer. You scan the Heavens. You associate with the essence of Earth and which are, after all the same attar of life, as it were. Yes, you are the essence of life. Essence is mightier than its appearance.

You appear in the world as a body. Your body is like a bottle that holds the perfume. The bottle is not the perfume. It is the container of it. It is only a bottle.

Ah, but what the body encloses, the essence of you is far, far more than a body.

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