God said:

There is no mastery. No is a self-proclaimed master. You don&;t have to master yourself. You don&;t have to corral yourself. You simply have to let go of all the trappings you have added to yourself, all the fillips, all the styles, all the imitations you have copied. There is no imitation you want to be. It is Truth you want to be.

You don’t have to master anyone else either. You don’t have to be master of another. You don’t even have to be master of your child. to be a wayshower, guide, and let those who choose, follow. Lead without saying one word. Point to the stars, and everyone will look up.

Lead yourself. A true leader does not require that others follow him. A true leader says to follow God, for God is in the of every man. Even when you might advise something rightly, that others are to follow your will is not exactly right. Better to follow the than any man, for My heart resides within everyone. And so I advise everyone to follow his or her own heart. Even if everyone else in the world follows someone else, will you follow Me?

I will speak to you deeply within your heart. May I have the final say?

It is better for you to follow one step from your heart than a thousand steps from someone else’s heart. What speaks to you speaks to you. Do not let go of your responsibility by adapting someone else’s path. Follow Me.

It is not your responsibility to follow even one other.

Of course, you learn along the way from everywhere, yet pledge your allegiance to Me. Yes, it’s true, that I reside in everyone, and yet give your attention to the God I AM Who resides in you. There is One .

Do not always be formally learning something for your own gain. Do not always be going for one treatment or another. Assume rather than assuming danger of ill-. What you need is rose on your cheek and a smile on your face. Treat someone else to a spa. That will do more for your than yearly treatments for yourself.

What is all this attention on your learning this, or your learning that so that you master one more thing? Learn what you want to learn, and be your own proprietor of learning. In all cases, you can only learn yourself. Even with ten teachers, you are your own teacher.

There is no need to give your own power away to anyone. Do not think that you have to learn what someone has to teach so that you can reach Heaven or sooner or better. Tell Me now, really, is someone a better teacher than I?

Look not for splatter-dash. Look not for bright colors. Look not for amazing experiences. Look not for something to tell your friends or impress a group. Look not for a degree, a title, an entourage. Beloveds, look for Me.

Look not so much for a proud group. Look for Me.

Look not so much for an association. Associate with Me.

Look not so much for an organization. Organize with Me.

Your is fine. Your needs your recognition. Your needs your observance of it. Your does not need its abeyance to another .

Be sacred unto yourself.

No one can give Me to you. I gave Myself to you long ago. You are the giver of your own True Self. Depend on yourself more than you depend on others. Rely on Me, and rely on you.