On my last I suggested viewing my video for old programing patterns. It also seems that in the private sessions I do, this aspect of the session has been the most active. Before recently it was the that was most active. When I say active, I mean from a subjective perspective, both my clients’, and my subjective experience resulted in seeing more and feeling more “going on” during this process than with the chakra balancing, the , or the Original vibration retrieval. It may be that as our environment is more saturated with higher frequencies, it is easier to filter out or cancel the lower frequencies of the old codes. As these old codes “dissolve”, the newer codes begin to operate. We begin to experience a wider range of frequencies and our ability to perceive the results increases. We see, feel, and know more. Hence the increased subjective experience.

I have been consciously aware of and preparing myself for our current shift for over 40 years. Many of you are just waking up now, and you don’t have as much time as I’ve had to adjust to what’s going on. I’m talking about adjusting on all levels physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. A lot of people have developed various technologies to help you get through this. It’s up to you to find which help you resonate with. Your Higher Self is already pointing the way for you. Co-incidences and synchronicities are not a fluke. You are reading this right now for a reason.

I might not be the one to help activate your DNA, or clear old from all your bodies, or initiate you into your next step of embracing your personal . Did this last highlighted statement just strike a chord, literally? If so, maybe its time to contact me.  Hello!…….. is this your wake up ? This is your wake up call.