I’ve been attempting to describe what happens when you participate in a DNA/Light code activation session with me but the words I used usually didn’t transmit the depth of the experience. I created a few videos of performing the process, and many of you had good experiences with these. However, because we could only form a quantum entanglement on a general basis, this was only a taste of the possibilities. Now, thanks to Seth Dennon, you may have the opportunity to go deeper into an activation experience.

Seth is a master graphic artist who has developed the talent to graphically express his energetic experiences in a way that captures the energetic signatures of the experience, so that someone viewing the work has the potential to have a similar experience.  About a week and a half ago, Seth and I had a private activation session. He created an awesomely breathtaking graphic from his experience. You can see this graphic on my website testimonial page.

Because we have a quantum field entanglement established when I do an activation session with someone, I have a particular energetic experience that is related to the experience the client is having. My subjective experience may be qualitatively different (I might be experiencing visually while my client is having an emotional experience for example) but it is still stimulated by experiencing the same higher frequency light codes.

For example, while performing the old-pattern filtering process with a client, I once saw separate shafts of light coming off my clients upper body and each extending into their own diaphanous (light and translucent) field. This was a multidimensional experience that is difficult for me to communicate with words. When I asked my client about his experience, he said at that point he was experiencing numerous aspects of himself in a multiverse framework.

My own personal experiences during my session with Seth were profound, and the energies stayed with me for quite a while after the session was completed. After looking at the graphic Seth created from his session, I had the same experience of that lasted a great while after I stopped looking at it.

Be sure to give yourself the gift of viewing Seth’s creation. You may not have the same qualitative experience that he or I had, but there definitely are very High Frequency Light codes embodied in this work that should give you a much stronger taste of the effects of DNA/light code activation than I have formerly been able to communicate.