February 13-20, 2011


Much progress was made in the past week in terms of the completion of the clearing and releasing that still needed to be done. The World watched as the new way of being unfolded in an ancient land and they sent their prayers and their Light to these brave and mighty people who have set the tone for the great changes sweeping across the by standing in their Light and in Unity for a peaceful to be made manifest in their country, and even though the road ahead is filled with challenge, a people united can bring about miracles with faith and determination.

People all over the World cried in joy, and celebration knowing within their Souls that the highest good and the highest outcome was brought about by those who stood in their honesty, integrity and determination to bring about positive change in peace. There will be many more of these events taking place like a wave across the land as the people rise up and say ‘enough is enough’. Truly the times will bring about great changes, positive changes. The joyful energies that reverberated across the Planet have moved all of humankind further into the higher frequencies and the of Earth and all upon Her is firmly established.

We ask the Beloved Lightworkers to keep on keeping on, holding the vision of a better and more peaceful World which honors everyone and everything. Hold steady your vision in the coming days and remain steadfast in the face of all the changes taking place. These changes begin first within individuals and then will spread throughout communities, cities, nations and continents. The greater Light shall prevail as we all hold and anchor our Light and the Cosmic Light to keep the energies in balance. This is why you have come, for these most exhilarating of times. We watch the events in wonder and awe and applaud all who believe that change can take place in a peaceful and determined manner.

Fast disappearing are the days of those in authority keeping control of their people through threats and fear. The Awakening Ones will not succumb to these tactics and will continue to press for peaceful changes in all areas of mundane living upon your Planet. It is a time for feeling and holding joy and gratitude within all hearts as this feeling continues to spread and radiate positive and uplifting energies and these will begin to manifest in your daily lives in all facets of it. Humanity is now willing to accept responsibility for their actions and deeds in an honorable manner and that is very good news for all. If every human being on Earth accepted responsibility for their every thought, word and deed and began to bless everyone and everything around them, the changes would be instant.

In unity much will be accomplished and that which was planned in the higher dimensions as your bodies lay sleeping is now coming into effect. Love is the greatest force in the Universes and there is upon this Planet billions of loving people who desire to experience goodness, kindness and sharing with their brothers and sisters. They are more than ready to live their lives in a new way, without having to take from others in order to have what they need and desire. This new way of relating with each other will start slowly but will gain more ground in the months and years ahead and life will take on a new and greater expression than before.

The days before you now, , are taking everyone into a whole new territory and it is incumbent upon all to align themselves with the flow of these new energies. The way forward will be shown as each of you go within, for these times call for periods of stillness and contemplation. Listen to the voice within and know that all is well. Call upon us each morning and we shall walk ever at your side.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion


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