The changes that are taking place within each of you will continue and each of you are discovering that you are able to express your great capacity to love and forgive those around you with whom you cohabit and also yourselves, and as your awareness continues to expand into greater consciousness and you attempt to put yourselves in the others’ shoes to experience their viewpoint and learn to understand their concerns.

All is in flux right now and all that you are experiencing and working on is manifesting quickly for you so be more restrained in your thinking processes so that your thinking brings about that which you truly desire rather than its opposite. Every day, write a list of all the things that you are grateful for and all that you consider a blessing in your life, for this practice, along with a quick review of it throughout the day will help you to stay focused on what is truly important to you rather than becoming side tracked by that which distracts you from this.

Many people are stepping up to the plate right now as they Awaken and discover their own power to bring resolution to long standing inequities in their daily lives by those who have had control over them and they are saying “enough is enough&; and  this will continue in waves throughout this year. This is the time of the we spoke of last year and it is now in effect upon this Planet so it is of utmost importance for you, our Beloved Lightworkers, to stand fast and hold your Light and your vision for the Highest and the Highest good of all. Let your Light and intention be constantly on seeing this good manifest, in .

Watching our Beloved Lightworkers, we of the can only shake our heads in wonder at your innate ability to adapt to all the changes occurring within your bodies, minds and emotions AND still daily send Light to all the areas of the World that are in need of it, for the highest good and outcome of all your brothers and sisters in those areas. Your Light does make a difference and is very much appreciated by the Earth, as this helps her keep more balanced. The of Love grows ever greater in its intensity and is being felt by all of Humanity at this time, and great changes are beginning to manifest.

Most of these changes will begin first in the minds and hearts of each person and this will become noticeable in those around you as they now begin to comprehend and understand what you have been talking about for years. Rejoice and enjoy these moments of connection in your minds and your hearts, for these will continue to grow and expand into greater and greater reality. Each day more wondrous happenings and miracles are taking place and this gives encouragement and impetus for “the silent revolution” that is occurring within the hearts and souls of all. The energy of Love is the mightiest force in the Universes and can resolve all differences as its beam is applied.

Always remember that you never walk alone, Beloveds, for we are always at your side. If you desire greater acceleration in your spiritual progress, do not forget to ask for our assistance each night, so that you can travel to our Temples of Learning and of Healing while your physical bodies sleep and rejuvenate and you will learn more about what is destined to come to pass within your daily life and your greater community of Humanity and how you might grow and expand your ability to become a Divine Human.

Until next week…..

I AM Hilarion


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