02/27/2011 by John Smallman

Your is accelerating, as it must, and the energies surrounding and enveloping you are intensifying as you continue asking for help from your guides, angels, and from God Himself.  What you are doing is of great importance, it is totally in alignment with the Will, and consequently you cannot fail to achieve your aim, which is to evolve or, more correctly, to return whence you came, to eternal union with God.

The illusion has dragged you into a state of great that was only possible because you were given free will, which allowed you to reject your eternal loving relationship with God in which you were created, and build an environment where you pretended that you were separated from Him.  That, of course, is impossible because all that exists does so within God.  Nevertheless, using the gifts that He had bestowed upon you, you went ahead and imagined an environment without His loving Presence, and chose to experiment with a very large number of rather strange ideas that can only truly be described as quite insane.  The results of these experiments are all around you, wherever you look, and they are not a pretty sight.  Initially your intentions were not unkind, just thoughtless.  You could have used your reason and intelligence to calculate where your experiments would lead you, but it seemed that there was so much fun in not knowing that you rushed ahead and became addicted to the sense of that your lack of foreknowledge provoked.

By the time the pain and suffering had become endemic it seemed that there was no way back, and that you had permanently and gravely offended your Father by your ill-conceived and basically thoughtless behavior.  It seemed to you that you had destroyed His divine creation of beauty and perfection and were, therefore, beyond forgiveness.  You had forgotten that the environment in which it appeared that you had your existence was but an imaginary one that you had built to play in and hide from Him.  Your imaginations had convinced you that what you were experiencing was absolutely real, and you began to blame one another for your suffering, and that led only to further suffering.  To cease experiencing suffering you have to cease imposing it on others.

You have the power and the divine grace to recognize that what you are experiencing as reality, and have been experiencing that way for eons, is, in truth, an illusion that you continue to support and maintain as long as you continue to attack and blame one another.  Judgment must cease because it destroys every effort you make to establish peace.  For eons every societal system that has been overthrown has only been replaced by a similar one containing all the same faults and problems the revolutionaries claimed that they would put right, as your world history clearly shows.  There have always been wise ones among you offering sane guidance, but in the excitement and increased insanity of revolution you refused to listen.

Finally humanity has reached the point where it can and is listening to the of God, which has always been available and expressed through the wise and gentle ones amongst you.  Now you can start to recognize that this painful realm of confusion, fear, and anxiety is but a hideous nightmare from which you can awaken by laying down judgment, blame, and punishment, and replacing those destructive attitudes with gentleness, understanding, forgiveness, and cooperation.  You are seeing this happening all over the world, as people support each other peacefully to disempower regimes that have controlled them instead of honoring them as God’s beloved children.

You are all divinely loved.  You have never left the Presence of God.  You will awaken from the seemingly endless nightmare of ferocious disagreement, judgment, and war.  Then your joy will be complete because in Reality, God’s divine Presence, there is nothing else.

With so very much love, Saul.