how deeply can we truly let go…
as i am watching the events on t.v. tonight..
feeling the Egyptian leader as he continues
to try and "hold on" to his his ..
to "his" of what should be…
i hear whisper to  me…
where can you "let go"
where can you let go of anything within you
that no longer serves you ???


if it does not serve love…it does not serve you
for you are love itself…
can you not resist what desires to fall away
in your life
and see it all as the perfection of love???
how deeply can you simply let go of
all of your ideas of what anything is
or what it is for
and simply be one with me…
if you will do this ~with me~
you will experience that each
is loves perfect arising…..
to resist anything is to resist
the of love…
it is within the embracement of all things
that love is revealed…the springs forth..
the "word" is known again…