Lynette Leckie-Clark a message from Kuthumi

channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark

Sunday, 13 February, 2011  (posted 15 February, 2011)

I and Lord Hilarion come to share with you knowledge, peace and love. We here are all aware of the stirrings of the great Gaia () as she seeks to cleanse old energies, and prepare for the new. This is similar to what mankind must also undertake. Some have begun, some are merely thinking about the whole idea, others have completed, let go and are ready and waiting to step into the new fields almost upon you. Lord Hilarion will continue.

So we, the are gathered, offering our assistance for As above- So below to become complete reality for all. To help you ease comfortably into the new energies I wish to take you back to your childhood. This was a time when you could play, have , freely laugh and also cry when you fell or were hurt by another&;s words. As you cried you innocently released the pain. Then it was gone and very soon you were playing and laughing again. This was a time of being always present without thoughts of responsibility, pressure or control. You were simply present. Concerned with what you wanted at each moment. That want could be a ball, a drink, or just to explore the world of your own back yard. Do you remember?

Make Believe

Do you remember when you played the game of make believe? What fun that was. You day dreamed about and believed it would all come true. You created wonderful pictures in your mind about things you wanted, and how you wished things to be in your world. Remember? I’d like you to remember how you totally trusted and believed in the creation of your day dreams. How focused you were with each creation, playing make believe.

I’ve come today to remind you of this time. To help you remember. You see you’ve come full circle. Yes, because as you are nearing the completion of the cycles of Earth, it’s time to play make believe again. It’s time to remember the trust, the focus, the strength of your belief in your day dream. I am asking you to pause in your busy life, to sit quietly, close your eyes, and be still. We’ll all be there with you as you begin to play again, to day dream about a new you. What would you want if you could choose right now? What would you like to do, to experience? Where would you like to succeed in your life? What would your friends be like, your family, children? Perhaps you would desire more free time to just do what ever you wanted, to walk along a beach, or along a track in the park.Or meet with us, communicate with us. Wouldn't’t it be fun?

Your Energetic Awakening

This would bring your life back into a more balanced state. It would also assist you in acknowledging your feeling side – your Higher . You are all moving into your natural state of being, of reading events and inter-actions a different way. Not just from your eyes, that which you can physically see and hear. But from an energetic level. Everything on Earth has an energetic field. Everything. The animals, plants, the mountains, streams and rivers, the insects, the minerals, mankind, even your table and chairs. All are linked through this energetic field.

Now the vibration of that great has been lifted higher. You have been prepared for this for the last fifty years and more preparation will be given to you in your future years. You are now learning to recognize and communicate with your Higher Self. You are learning to acknowledge what you feel inside about a situation, a person or event, or a personal under- taking. Your Higher Self is continually pushing forward now asking, “How do you feel about this, how do you feel about that? Does it feel right, does it feel good to you? Just how do you feel about this?”

Your own energetic field of energy, had to be raised for this great step in man’s evolution to occur. There is still more to be achieved. Many of you are at varying levels of energetic advancement. My brother Kuthumi has spoken a great deal about clearing your emotional fields. Without completing this vital step you would not be able to hold the higher vibrational level of energy. The Light body would not cope and begin to break down, causing great distress and physical illness. It is a journey for each of you. One which your Soul joyously agreed to undertake before you incarnated.


Mankind has been operating with a very low third for thousands of years. This is why so many have trouble leaving that which is so familiar to them behind. No longer can you hold onto old and outdated events. No longer can you use these to play the role of victim. Again I quote Kuthumi who says, “There are no victims, there is only experience.”

Along with the energetic change must come the healing. This is your next step – to heal, to release all past. Be willing to do this. Have a willing intent. We will help you with our energy of love if you ask. As you proceed forward, acknowledge your great feeling energy, your heart, led by your own Higher Self. With each release, each step, your vibration is able to rise a little more, freeing your Soul. Step by step is the way forward. A little at a time. To look at the entire journey at once is often too daunting. The ego self steps in and says “I can’t.” The words “I can’t” hold you to the past. Lock you into staying just as you are, blocking your evolutionary growth, holding you back in third dimensional energy.

Each time you find yourself uttering the words, “I can’t,” stop, and play make believe with all the trust and belief you enjoyed as a child. Make believe. Ask us for help if you wish. Playing make believe is very powerful if you believe. It can carry you forward to truly listening to the voice within, and learning to feel and love your Soul – the very essence of you.

We bid you farewell with the Creator’s loving embrace.

Master Kuthumi and Lord Hilarion

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