02/02/2011 by John Smallman

God’s for His children is far beyond your ability to conceive of while you remain immersed in your illusory reality where are common and frequent experiences.  These experiences have, over the eons, considerably dulled your abilities to experience joy, as pain, betrayal, and disappointment have filled your lives.  However, this way of living is coming to an end.  The numbers of you who are realizing the insanity of focusing your attention on misery and suffering, and thereby ensuring that that is what will fill your lives, are increasing rapidly.  This realization is an essential part of your awakening process because, until you recognize this, you will continue to focus on mistrust, suspicion, and the need to protect yourselves from others – and, as nearly everyone behaves in this fashion, it seems obvious that precautionary measures are an essential defense against possible life-threatening calamities – thus ensuring that what you fear will occur.


Imagine a large free-standing object, such as a section of shelving laden with books, that is perfectly stable.  Suddenly someone announces that it is about to topple over.  People rush to both sides to support it by pushing against it, thus maintaining it in an upright position by the equal and opposing forces applied to it.  If the pressure on one side is reduced it will topple over, and so it can be seen that a constant and equal amount of pressure has now to be applied to both sides of this inherently stable object to keep it upright.  However, if the opposing forces are carefully and gradually reduced its state of inherent stability can be restored.  Humanity is now at the stage where those opposing forces are gradually being removed in order to restore your inherent security and stability.  As that happens your attitudes of fear and mistrust will first  be alleviated and then will dissolve, to be replaced by trust, forgiveness, reconciliation, and then love.

As you are aware, in recent years reconciliation commissions have been established to assist people recovering from the fighting and betrayal that had previously been endemic in certain parts of the world, and they have been very successful – in human terms, amazingly successful – as people have owned up to their previous misbehavior and have humbly and genuinely apologized to those they have hurt.  And those who have been hurt have responded by offering them true forgiveness.

When you look back on the human history of continuous mistrust, betrayal, and vicious behavior towards one another over the eons, it is truly uplifting to observe this sea change in attitudes coming about.  It has now become unstoppable as more and more of you apologize to one another for your misbehavior, and those who receive these apologies respond with forgiveness, allowing true reconciliation as opposed to embittered truces to occur.  Needless to say these uplifting and heart-warming events do not get widely reported in the , but if you search for them you will find that they are occurring, and on a vast scale, for the tide has truly turned and humanity is heading for Home, Reality, where the most magnificent welcome has been prepared.  Endless peace, contentment, and joy, as always divinely promised, awaits you there.

With so very much love, Saul.