I asked this question after recovering from an extreme illness caused by what is known as chemtrails. For those who do not know what chemtrails are watch the movie, What on Are They Spraying or Toxic Skies. Also Clifford Carnicom or William Thomas. I was not only sickened by the chemtrails as those in my family, friends and the school children; I was also sickened by the fact that our own government is doing this, a crime against humanity and nature with those who have taken an oath to protect and serve at the heart of it all. All the way up to the highest levels. would be proud of this operation and those participating in it, covering it up and in denial of the obvious. One has to but look up, look at the health of those around you, what is happening to your environment and your gardens and use base common sense. Only after being filled with a love and a presence beyond words receiving a miraculous healing did I ask this question.

"Jesus I ask of you with all my heart why is this insanity with the wars, endless suffering, people loosing their jobs, homes, , the air, water, land all being poisoned, polluted at an unprecedented rate, how can the higher intelligences watch and allow?"

Then the transmission came:



My son I want to begin by telling you God loves you beyond measure, as do all the masters Angels, Saints and Sages. We have sent our best only to watch them experience every form of betrayal, chastisement, even death while humanity sits idly by and does nothing. Some even cheer the demise of those we sent labeling them as insane, what modern society now calls, "conspiracy theorist" for they are reminders of the errors of their ways and the ungodly Beast they serve. The survival and comfort levels of the status quo were being threatened. There are so many who are willing participants in their own demise. They have lost all integrity; have fooled themselves to believe they are not working for the beast. They are participants in unspeakable acts yet turn a blind eye, some even using God and Country as an excuse. God has no borders and does not support the slaughter of innocent men, women and children in what has become depersonalized into nothing less than a video game. You ha ve witnessed all of this.

I want to tell you something about this, your country. There was an event, the twins of . The story of their fall was not as you were told. Many have reasoned this. There was a massive amount of Gold in the trillions taken from the lower levels before the event. The leveling of the twins was to hide the theft. The third building in your terms labeled building 7 which went down mysteriously having not been hit by a plane receiving very little damage was taken down to destroy the of this gold ever existing. Building 7 was filled with files with other incriminating .

These planes were taken over electronically by devices unknown even to many pilots in the planes computers. They were flown with precision into the towers; which were already outfitted to be what in your terms pulled or a planed demolition using exotic explosives. All of the evidence points in this direction and many are on to it; especially your architects who know a steel building cannot be taken down in this manner. This unspeakable treasonous act was the foundation for the war profiteers to go into action. It laid the foundation for the extreme loss of freedom you are now undergoing under the guise of terror. Remember this is the foundation; which set into motion the wars, the multibillion-dollar security institutions and systems; which have stolen your freedom as well as the freedom of other countries; is all based on a lie. Their systems are an insult to dignity on every level and will be shown in the future to have serious health consequences. Literally millions of innocent pe ople have suffered and died due to this one deliberate act and other following deceptions designed to do nothing more than create windfall profits and introduce a police state. This will all be made known to the masses.

Your country was led by the corporate owned media, bought politicians, and religious fanatics like a lamb to slaughter to not only be slaughtered but to slaughter millions of innocent people. This sickened the heavens for the base foundation and covenant given to this world is,

"Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself." God was not on your side in these despicable acts despite your religious zealots calling out this a holy war. No war is holy. It is not God that turned his back on this country it is this country that turned its back on God. Those who called out for this war do not know me or the true nature of God. It is not God who will punish for when I spoke of an all loving, all forgiving God it is most correct. Your deeds and denials bring their own punishment. Nature will take care of herself. What has been done to the air, the land and the oceans will be undone and this process will not be without extreme hardship in many areas. The oceans are alive, they will move this spring and summer so do not take up residence on the coast or the waterways. You will have to curb your travels as well due to erratic weather and your expanding sun. The action/reaction principle, "As You Soe So Shall You Reap", or karma as they call it in the East and I did study in the East will have its way. Do not be fooled into thinking you will be saved by the rapture if you have been a willing participant in any of these events; which were not in alignment with or in denial of Nature and what she needs to do. The heavens have no enduring place for those who have not brought heaven to Earth. They will have to return to finish their lessons in separation and denial yet it will not be on the same Earth from which they left for she will have ascended beyond their ability to return.

Those who met their demise are now with us in the heavens having their light review and it is not them you should be praying for it is for yourself and those left on Earth.

The endless greed, corruption, complete disrespect for life human and nature have become epidemic in the leadership of this country and many others. This epidemic has a source and many heads the largest of which many have not seen yet it will soon be revealed.

We have made it very clear there are no separations in God. What you do to the least of your brethren and nature you do to God. The Creator is Omnipresent in all Creation. Living in Harmony with each other and Nature is the path and the path is simple. Those who hold themselves as Gods over others are trapped in their own egos void of the one true power; the power of love and love serves. Deviations from that path to one degree or another is why you are experiencing the world you now live in. Why do you release yourselves of all responsibility and accountability making the heavens responsible for the mess a large majority have willingly participated in and are showing no regret or desire to change? The heavens are screaming wake up, look around you, look at what is happening to your fellow man/woman, look at your environment, what happened to Eden? Why are you working for the BEAST? When are you going to be honest with yourself and stop living and believing the lie? This is what the heavens are screaming.

Now before you give up all hope some are listening to the heavens. Some are awakening in all walks of life, in every institution, every industry. Yes even in your military industry there are courageous souls who have not forgotten their oath. There is a grand awakening. It was built into the evolution of this planet and the entire solar system. Every soul is known by their frequency. Those who live a life in harmony with each other and nature, those who focus on love, joy, bliss and service to humanity and the Earth; which is service to God are of the highest frequency. Those who have transcended all religious and cultural boundaries and love unconditionally are of the highest frequency. Those who continue to play the separation game of greed, tyranny, actions against humanity and nature are of the lowest. Their world is about to implode on itself.

There are cosmic forces and events raising the frequency of this your planet and all the planets in this solar system. The many mansions of God are all playing a part in this process some you know not of. We will ask you to stay in your heart and out of judgment during this process. Some of Gods helpers are foreign to most and they will address all cultures. Some do not look like you for they are adaptations to other environments, my father has many mansions. By their works you shall know them.

The frequencies of separation, greed and tyranny are coming to a close. This process will not come from one particular savior or through any one religion or government. It will come through the hearts and minds of all people and the people will become their own saviors supported and inspired by the higher realms. Each individual must do their part and together as a collective. If so the Earth can be reset on its original course which was to become an Eden, a place of Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Freedom, Equality and Prosperity for all. Your present system is the great inequality and cannot provide for any of this. All it can provide is more inequality, more division, disease, poverty and war until its unsustainable, inevitable demise. Let it fall and walk away from it.

The new system is written in the heart of hearts of all humanity and that system will be activated from within. You are seeing this activation happening in the , in , and it will become global until the tyrants of unbridled greed, the war and disease profiteers, the suppressors of freedom all are held accountable. No rock shall be left unturned, no deed will go unbalanced, and as they sowed so shall they reap. Forgiveness is always and option yet words without deeds mean nothing. You cannot fool your soul or the giver of that soul. It is time for the children of God to rise in every culture, every nation. Find the courage and impeccable integrity to play their part. This will determine your tomorrow.

Willing participants in acts of aggression towards innocent people, acts of greed, acts suppressing individual freedom and prosperity, acts against nature taking more than you need will all have consequences in the days to come. Acts against those who live and speak my words and others from the heavenly realms will have the greatest consequences. My words are not coming through one faith. Now is the time to ride the wave of unity and walk the path Heaven laid out for you.
You have our undying loving support. Find the courage to do what you know in your heart is right, let love be your guide.
May you be blessed with the love and courage of God.
Yeshua Bin Joseph, "Jesus"

Permission granted to copy and send far and wide

 Source: 's ECETI News