7 February 2011 

State of Conditioning

Lord Adama Reflects on the Ease of Movement
From January through February 2011

We are in a state of conditioning. This conditioning process has to do with the acceptability of realizing that elements are changing drastically in all aspects of our lives. This is Lord Adama at your service.
Since the onset of 2011 there have been great changes that have been occurring within the planet and within each of us. Yes, we in Telos are also affected by the planetary changes but in a different manner than each of you on the Upper . The crux of the matter is that we are all changing and as we incorporate the changes within us, our reality shifts into a higher focus. Not quite the fifth dimensional focus but moving up the stairway to receive those fifth dimensional energies.
Each of you upon the Earth at this time listening to these words are very aware that you are changing. Some choose not to know why and just accept and others need to have specific answers be relayed to them. The difference of these opinions need to now come together in unison. We are no longer in a time of saying why but are saying when. This is the most important aspect. If you start to understand why you are going through a certain process, then you can fully accept the Divinity of your Light to shine forth into the aspect you are trying to accept.

Acceptance ~ What is your acceptance in this . We are now in the shift of moving from January to February. There have been extreme weather patterns upon the Earth and many are feeling that this month of January has been going very, very slow. Welcome to our world. You are living in the , in the Now, not trying to rush things but essentially moving forward little-by-little. This is the expansion of your experiences at this time. Areas that usually are quiet with the weather are being hit hard and some areas are just the opposite. Interesting how the polarity is occurring upon the Earth as the polarity is occurring within each of you.
What needs to happen now is to allow the polarity to shift but not the exact opposite but in the expansion of Oneness. Two ends meet in the middle as the occurrence around them expands in the process. Let us take a moment and reflect within to fully understand this concept. Deeply within you, take a deep breath and feel your own expansion. Has your awareness changed recently or how you perceive your awareness? The poles are shifting within each of you at this time to help everyone come together. Some may not realize it and will miss the next activation of Light. What is this activation about.
January’s activation gave us the potential to fully allow the frequency of the Light to come within our beings and to assist the Earth which has happened. The weather patterns are erratic but also very calm in the same breath. That is an essential component of bringing together the of Oneness. If one cannot be within their own Divinity of the One, how can the Universe expect them to understand the concept of Oneness. So in the month of January the was open within each of us. Some of you may have had traumatic occurrences within your lives to allow the of the Light to come within. Take a moment and look within what your own of Light expanded within your Being….
So now we move into the energies of February. The month of love, not only because of Valentine’s but because of the actions of the many. It is an , not a holiday pursue. It is in the deep of winter, in some climates, and warmth needs to be acquired. Now that each of your crack has been wide open, are you going to let the love of the Oneness to come inside of you. It is not only about love with another it is love of yourself. This is the month to fully express that love you have inside of you in a variety of ways. February 11, 2011 is the of immense initiation into Oneness. Why this ? Well, it is an aspect of 11:11 and each month we will get closer to the Divinity of each of us. Not just each of you, but each of us in each moment. It is a special moment of creation to fully express your own Divinity with you. The Universe is support you in this moment of creation. Enjoy the warmth that is coming to you. Then when the 14th of February arrives, you will be fully ready to share with another this love you have received. It is an amazing moment in the Creation of Oneness.
I decided to share these thoughts to you on this day because the embodiment that you are creating is the embodiment of the One. We, in Telos, have been watching and waiting for this arrival onto the essence of your Beings and upon this Earth. Our love is your love and it is coming to a time when we will be sharing more directly than we ever have previously.
Please know that you deserve these times of creation as it is within your Divinity to fully realize the remembrance within your hearts. That is all that is happening my dearest Ones. Everyone is waking up to the remembrance that we were all together.
So let us take this day of February 11th 2011 to connect with each other in the Divinity That We All Are. We will be awaiting your love.
I Am Lord Adama, at your Service
High Priest of Telos