Mary appears often at ECETI Ranch often with messages. Here is a picture taken by Kan a monk from during the Mastery Teachers Training. The room was filled with and everyone was feeling it.

This was her message.

Mother Mary,
Beloved children of God I bring to you this day tidings on high. I want to begin by telling you how much you are loved by the heavens, my son and his beloved . We are all here yet only a few know of our presence. We are universal in nature and do not belong to any one faith or culture. We love all cultures all faiths and do not divide our love just as the Father/ principle does not withhold or divide its love. Despite the rules and regulations of man we cast no judgment and are only here to serve in the awakening and healing of and the . There are events unfolding on we wish to address. I addressed this in my message at Fatima yet the message was withheld. It was a strong warning to the churches to stop amassing wealth at the expense of their flocks, to end all dark and deviant behavior as well as move in the direction for which they were founded. The churches were founded to aid the sick, the homeless, and to assist each individual in making their own personal God connection. I also issued a strong warning as to what would happen if they and others do not take a more spiritual path living in harmony with each other and their environment. These messages were not delivered. There are many speaking for me in denial of the consequences of not moving in that direction saying there is a new message yet the old message is still as valid as it was when given.


The consequences of not living a spiritual life in harmony with each other and the environment are not meted out by a jealous wrathful God. That image is a false one used to control the masses. God is Love and when you are walking in Love and Service you are walking with God. The wrathful God image came from an event in your long past history, an event where one posing as God wreaked havoc upon the Earth doing unspeakable damage to the collective consciousness. When you have a man with a body, a personality acting in a way that is separate from others and nature it is not the full magnificence of God. We have to ask who created them. The images of man fall far short of that which is nameless and formless yet has been given many names and taken many forms.

God in its most unlimited understanding is pure unconditional love, joy, ecstatic bliss and those aligned with God know no separation. My son brought a new covenant a new image to repair the damage. It was the image of an all loving, all forgiving God an Omnipresent God within everyone and everything. Despite his efforts the old image still plagues much of humanity and is used to divide, conquer and perform acts of extreme violence and suffering upon humanity in the name of this being. There are those who try to emulate this image of being all powerful over others yet God is love and love serves. This is primitive, barbaric and needs to end.

Paul understood the nature of God when he said there are no divisions in God. The Creator is Omnipresent in all and what you do to the least of you do to God. To take of for your sustenance is necessary yet to do it in a disrespectful manner taking more than your needs is in error. The lust for power over others, greed, competition, and the willful destruction of your environment is epidemic and will have consequences under . Despite ones ego and belief of superiority these laws will be implemented for they are designed into the fabric of life. There is no jealous, wrathful god waiting to punish you there is only action/reaction and guilt; which draws to you the necessary lessons to evolve and bring balance.

This process is eternal, it will take as long as it takes yet there is one path where one can circumvent any less than desirable lessons or reactions. It is the path of self forgiveness and right action. This process cannot be done by simply stating it, there must be a deep commitment in the soul and desire to release the past taking a new path of service in harmony with humanity and the Earth. Because the majority of the leadership on the Earth has taken a path of greed, separation, chose the need for power over others and has acted in a way that is harmful to humanity and the Earth there will be serious consequences in the days to come. Much of the collective have chosen to serve this destiny, participate and align this path therefore they will be subject to the same fate. The Earth will do what she must to heal, cleanse, restore balance and continue to be the platform for life.

This will occur despite the denials of many teachers who profess to be speaking for me as well as other Saints, Sages, and Masters. We are not the go between as many churches have installed themselves. Our desire is that each individual make their own personal God connection and act in a way that is in harmony with humanity and the Earth. We are not delivering messages which relieve humanity individually or collectively of no responsibility or accountability. There are serious reactions around the corner and the pendulum will swing until it finds its balance. The path of the arrogant Powers that think they be is unsustainable, has severe consequences to them and all who align with them. You will see severe changes, social, economic and physical earth changes in your very near future. It has already started. Much is due to acting out of balance, not being connected to the God within, living in a disharmonious way with each other and the Earth. It is also due to a natural cycle; which if one was connected to the God within and Nature one would know was coming. You are already seeing it unfold with the unprecedented erratic weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity as well as changes with your Sun all of which was prewarned. Those disconnected from the source and nature will be the last to know what even your scientists know and are not revealing.

The elite are aware of these changes and have prepared for them physically. They have no problem with leaving the majority of society in the dark ill prepared and ignorant because that is their nature. They are ill prepared in consciousness and that will be their downfall. Rather than being of service to others they have become an extreme disservice not only to others; but also to themselves in the long run. They do not understand the nature of the changes, the forces behind them and if one is filled with attitudes and emotions of separation, greed, total disregard for life including the pain and suffering of others they will not make the shift. We have given much to think about. Most can only assimilate portions of this message. If allowed it will activate your own inner knowing which will fill in the blanks. If you want to know more, it is all within and that is where all must go to access the source of all knowledge. If you choose the outer world and its media for your information and reference points you will be surely led astray. It is designed to do so and keep you hypnotized into believing they will take care of you, make you safe and secure and provide all your needs. It cant, was never designed to do so, and the karmic backlash of what has been done to maintain its position to other third world and lesser developed countries is unavoidable. There is a great wave. It is the wave of change and it will inspire, lift and heal. There are beautiful beings that have incarnated to be a part of this process. They will be activated, awakened and begin to awaken others. Resistance to this process will be the demise of the tyrants. The days of tyranny, separation and greed are fast coming to a close. They are not instep with the evolution of this planet. Unity consciousness, living a life of service and in harmony with each other and the environment is the next level. The children of God are rising.

May you way be blessed with the divine love of God;

Received by James Gilliland