Channeler:  Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

from the
February 9, 2011

Anshallah, anai, ansi, lahalla Ensitu!

Greetings from that which is light and !

It is that a great shift is upon all of as it moves toward a changing balance. There are currently dynamics taking place which are causal to a vast shift in and the availability of that which you call the and we call the of the One. Of this you are part, indelibly hard wired into the matrix of creation. Each of you individually and collectively are contributing to the outcome of these changes. That which was, the old ways are just that. They are a thing of the past. What was, was a holographic dynamic of awareness from which you drew your considerations and beliefs as well as your perceptions. The difference now is that because of the change in energy relations and the dynamics of its movement, the hologram is now becoming unified in such a way that all is unified within you and around you. Because of this you have instant and greater access to all knowing.

To access this is to first understand that your defenses, that internal mechanism that protects your fears, must be resolved, let go. If you are defended in any way, this creates a density within your personal energy make-up that literally blocks the doors to your greater awareness and being. When you can relax into yourselves in such a way that you are at peace within and that which you feel around you even in times of chaos is also peace, you will have reconnected to your power of the One. Of course this power, this awareness is also present within you, but it has been masked by times of lesser availability due to the densities of your world. Now, as truths are revealed, emotions are released, and paradigms shift toward greater and collective purpose, you are beginning to remember that which you have always been, that which is the very essence of your source reflected in a myriad of personalities and manifested appearance which is you.

To draw upon your own is to declare those aspects of God which you embody and reflect your divinity to yourselves and your world with a force that was unavailable to you until this now. It is as if creation has also recognized itself in you, almost as if for a time you seemed like distant relatives. The unification is upon you. The unification is the totality of all creation expressing itself simultaneously toward a vast movement of change. The ability to create new and positive changes in your world has never been more available or clearer than this now.

As you can see, your planet is reflecting this very concept in its physical changes. Weather patterns continue to change and intensify causing an array of events across your globe. Your magnetic north has been fluctuating in such ways that there are some inconsistencies in general magnetics on your planet. Because of this, the electromagnetic emissions locations across your Earth have changed and in such a way this directly effects the balance of your . Many focal points within your such as your chakras are changing polarities. Your subtle bodies are displaying effects and patterning’s that are new and different. Your causal bodies, which are a universal harmonic octave point , a level of balance between the cosmic and earthly realms and literally your translation stations, have completely changed in frequency sets in order to adapt to the universal changes. Because of this, your awareness of the vast consciousness of the living One is mainlining directly to your human being.
A new perception that you might consider is that there is nowhere to go and everything to be. What we mean by this is that you will not find what you seek anywhere but within the direct communication that is happening within you. It is a difficult concept for humans to grasp but as above so below, what is expressed in all of reality exists within each of you. From one perspective you are nothing more than creation, God, expressed as an individualized aspect and who has experiences based upon free will and the power to change and embody every experience at will. You are divine in every way, for even perfection constantly reinvents itself in response to all stimulus.

The true question is whether you are reinventing yourself in response of defense of your experiences. There is a great difference in the two expressions of self. To act in response is to do so completely and without question using the direction of the moment to form a new outcome. To respond from defense is to doubt that the creative process contained all that is perfect in the moment and to decide to create from fear instead. As you must know by now the results of defensiveness are often disastrous in comparison to the original possibilities that could have been experienced if only action was based upon truth instead of misperception.

What we are saying is that it is time for humanity to get out of its own way, stop searching, start being, and to both create and experience from within the infinite possibilities that are available to you rather than limiting yourselves by your defenses.
The truth is that rationale will mislead you every time as your mind seeks to defend its every belief. But beyond every belief, which is learned, is knowing that is infinite and eternal truth. There is nothing that you do not already know. What you seek is truly not knowledge, but remembering of this very concept. It is deep remembering that drives you to search for answers and for home.
The vitality of your very existence is dependant upon whether or not you are willing to cooperate with your own divinity. The only angst comes when you resist this. The only struggle comes when you deny that perfection exists within you and around you. And the truth is that the revelation of perfection is for your eyes only for you are the final interpreter of your own experiences. No one else can tell you have to think or feel or even what to choose. Each of you, as we said, is a living expression of creation, an individualized aspect of the living One, a powerful creator of your entire reality and capable of creating any and all reality at will.

You did not come with a set of contracts or blueprints that are set in stone. Perhaps your soul had a framework of intentions as it entered its current reality, but all of that is subject to the free will that exists within you in each and every moment. A small decision, a singular choice, can alter the path of a journey of any soul in an instant, changing its entire intention based upon that singular moment. There are no have to’s, must do’s or limitations. Only choices to be made and lives to be lived.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

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