A Prelude leading up to this Channeling I would like to share with you as it may help others this happens to ………
Yesterday my Sunday I awoke got up & cooked breakfast and suddenly all was drained from my being I was sleepytired in every part of mealmost hard to describe as I have had many days of late with feelings of exhaustion no etc.
However this day got worseI went to sleep for 3 hours after breakfast woke up and had no energy again so just laid in bed drinking lots of water not hungry not even felt like coming online(very unusual for meLol )my husband cooked some chicken sausages on the Barbie and I got up not to offend him and ate one & back to bed and all day I was asking what is going on? Give me a clue pleeeeeese !!!!!!! I felt like I was bursting out of my skin, every inch of my body was tight as if I was too big for my skin, an awful feeling that lasted till 1 am in the morning when I finally fell asleep.
When I awoke this morning I felt ok looking forward to my Class of Gematria & had a great time in Class and no tiredness, actually a feeling of being a bit on the high side so I knew I had to write a for my monthly Newsletter, nothing unusual about that in fact yesterday I wasn't happy as well as Rosalie wanted to do it then but there was no inspiration to do so.
I suddenly had a feeling to get a huge 2 litre bottle of water and start my message not really knowing the subject, who was coming through or whatever…….
Then my hand started to write as I write my messages by hand instead of typing and print it up after so this is the message and I now understand why I was made to rest totally………….. What is next has just finished from 12 noon till now at 4.47 pm…… Enjoy ………
Please excuse some typos,incorrect grammar etc as this was given to me a lot in sentences that were broken, changed again which left me to put it together the best way I could without taking away the essence of it from Ra xo


I am Ra at your Divine service my Beloved Beings of Light, I come with messages on behalf of the realms of Divinity, it is as always a privledge and an honour, so close you can feel the changes simply by nature that doesn't have the same energy either,not only humans, you all who are at one will reach your destination just as you planned so long ago before you incarnated to reach & return to full .

Dear Light Beings I wish to point out to you just how wonderful you have succeeded on your journey so you will not be your usual hard on oneself attitude, so unnecessary when you hear briefly the bigger picture.

Let us now focus on Creation itself and follow the story of the Soul as it was created and wound its way through the vibrational levels and dimensions to experience the Consciousness of the Self.
To begin we will start with the beginning of the Soul as it came into Being.

At the beginning it would be called a Being of Light or a White light Being of Light.

We are now talking at the level of God/Godess or of the .
This was the time when this white light Being was determined to expand the Consciousness(awareness) by learning and experiencing in a particular part of Creation when it eventually desended into physicality.

The Soul is breathed into the of the God/Godess or Source of the Universe.

The Source of this Universe breathes the Essence of the white fire into the Soul's heart thus imprinting this Lightbeing with the full knowledge of the Cosmic Divine Plan at Universal level as well as imprinting this Lightbeing with the encodements or knowledge of its own individual .

This Being or Light Being as it is really at this time undergoes a series of imprinting as it is being prepared for the next level of being the Galactic level.

Once again this Being is breathed into the heart of the Galactic core and is encoded once again of the Galactic Divine Blueprint and imprinted with the Individual Galactic encodements full knowledge which then becomes fully conscious and in the knowing.

When I mention that you are fully in the knowing I am saying it can be in the subconscious or the conscious depending upon your awakening or evolvement at the time,like it is sitting in a Divine bank ready for you to withdraw at the appropriate time.

At this time and stage this Being becomes subject to polarity and splits off into two, the masculine and the feminine part which is how people become twin flames. The twin Flame is the counterpart or other half of a Soul.

Many of you may search a lifetime to find your other half and sometimes actually in many cases it is not even in the same incarnation on another planet in this Solar System and beyond.
Another couple of examples the other may be on the other side of the Planet .
In some very rare cases it an be a brother, ,Father or Sister, husband or best Friend.

And you can be of the same gender in this physicality.

It is possible to communicate and it does happen through dreams or meditation and so it may always be this way and if you can accept this rather than the romantic search which could leave you letting your life just pass you by and you run the risk of failing to resolve karmic experiences with others and that is one of the reasons you came into this lifetime to do.

Now at this level of Solar Consciousness the Being is connected with four lower bodies, the physical, the etheric, the emotional and the mental body.

You have a fully activated Chakra system and twelve strand DNA so that now as a Being you have become consciously aware which enables the Soul to be in contact with its Creator at all times.
The twelve strand DNA and the twelve Chakra system, the Soul is able to evolve and ascend its consciousness ,eventually spiralling back home to the Godhead from whence it came.

This is a simplified explanation of the life of a Soul as it comes into physicality.

The Soul is imprinted with its threefold flamethe blue for the masculinethe pink for the femininegold for the wisdom and love from the heart of God.
As you can see you are a Being of complexity and you are forver connected to your Creator.

The importance and total reason I have come to share this at this prcise moment is to commend you for the sacrifices you as a great deal of negativity has happened in Creation and this is what is now being reversed as you all are creating a genetic pathway for Humanity to followare you seeing why I commend you dear Light Beingsthis is the reason that youBeings of Lightevolved souls came to the Planet to create the information and point the way necessary for Humaity to ascend.
You responded to the call for assistance whilst in the higher realms you entered into a dense physical body which was only part conscious.

You then became subject to the law of Karma which you did while you were in a state of amnesia and have found it difficult to step off the Karmic wheel until recently when tools have been given to many to enable you to leave that Karmic wheel behind and the doors and corridors of Light have sprung open and ALL I repeatALL are ascending together.

The Planet is now in the vibration of the Creator which simply means all can intervene events world global events Healing associated with karmic debts CAN be healed if so desired .

Dear Beloved Being of Light it is now the time to take heed and take Heart of how magical this Journey is and the experiences you are encountering at present is the miraculous reward .

You are actually the Creator experiencing Itself never before on this Planet have you actually been in the position of being specialists in the field of Light synthesis.

You are bringing about on this Planet an amazing feat and we are in awe of you, You are awesome and you are incredibly couragous.

You have gone through incredible suffering in many incarnations on this planet all for the love of God and even though you are still going through many illusions of the third dimension and some of you are grappling with low self esteem and feeling unloved and unworthy i am here to tell you to throw that energy/thought far away my beloveds you are so Loved so special such incredible angelic Beings of Light in physicality.

We are here now to bring you to full consciousness if this is your wish.
Call upon us, trust in your Creator and allow yourself to be in the highest vibration.
In the Company of Heaven and on behalf of all in the Highest Realms I bow to you and Bless you .
Your missions on Earth is in the throws of completion, Namaste
And so it is

Written this day 31st January 2011 by Rosalie channeling a message from Ra
copyright however please feel free to share as long as nothing is changed and no monies are exchanged giving credit to

Namaste Rosalie
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