Considering the for a scenario where everyone will  financially prosper (i.e. prosperity programs, Nesara, to hard asset currency, etc ) my wife asked me “what would you do, if you had, say, three million dollars? I think here she was asking me about my dreams of what I was choosing to create in the world if money for survival (i.e. mortgage, , clothing, utilities, etc.) were not an issue. I didn’t have much of a response for her. Here is why:

When we get through the transition times (or densities or dimensions) I don’t know what I will be dealing with in terms of a relative reality. Even the laws related to how my reality operates may (actually will I’m positive) be different. If I were an altruistic (notice I said if) I might help less fortunate people with something, to make them more fortunate. That’s cool as far as it goes. But what if a shift in consciousness, and a shift in the rules governing reality, means there is no one less fortunate. Everyone gets to have the fortune they choose. Have you even considered this possibility? Well, start considering it because this is where we are all heading.

Actually, everyone chooses their fortunes right now. The difference is that right now we don’t know why we chose what we chose. (or are choosing…….. if you are a choosy person, and you choose to actually technically state the nature of the current reality you have chosen) Did I just lose you there? That’s ok  because as frequencies increase and we adapt to the at a , we won’t be dealing with veiled knowledge. We won’t be questioning our choices. We will be fully aware we are making choices. We will understand the interconnectedness of all things and therefore know why we do what we do.

When we get through this transition and all is revealed, will we have to break eggs to make an omelet? Does it matter?

You can’t make plans for what you will be doing or how you are living after the . You can only live in the present. This means adjusting to how your life is going in the moment. This means living and acting from your heart.  I can’t improve your fortunes for you even if my altruism were not in question. I can help you to remain balanced in this transition, and access Higher Frequency Light Codes, and facilitate DNA activation and Higher Frequency Light code actualization. Like they say on that TV commercial: You choose your ride!