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Dear Friends,

is Tuesday, February 2 at 7:32 PM Mountain Time.

Commit to your own eccentricity. Commit to your own personal healing of whatever needs to be healed. You do not need to know how or even what. A total commitment is enough to get the quantum field mobilizing in that direction. There is a wonderful opportunity at this new moon to heal disappointments of the past. Make a list of all of your disappointed expectations and commit to their release and to your healing. Commit to staying out of fear. Commit to . Commit to what's important. Commit to yourself.

Note: This is also Day, the Year of the Metal Rabbit. Rabbits are fertile, resourceful survivors. The metal aspect makes them aggressively so.





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Aquarius New Moon, Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011
7:31 PM MST, Sun and Moon at 13º Aquarius

Aquarius evolves out of the practical power of the previous sign, Capricorn. This inspirational, fixed air sign moves us out of the perfection, organization and authority of the physical realms of manifestation and into the element of air and relationship. The culmination of the gifts of the other air signs ~ mental intelligence and expression (Gemini) and harmony of personal relationships (Libra) is manifested by Aquarius at the universal level as cooperation within the group bound by a common ideal and dedicated to the good of all.

Aquarius gives us that of intuitive wisdom that comes like a lightening bolt of inspiration. Aquarius' genius sees the big picture and gives us the detachment to invent brilliant solutions and express our total uniqueness and at the same time, have only the good of the collective at heart. It brings to the fore a global, humanitarian perspective. Uranus, Aquarius' ruler, breaks through the hard structures of Capricorn's ruler, , and brightens the cosmic waves with originality, independence, eccentricity, inventiveness, will power and revolutionary action.

At this New Moon there is such a line up of influence spanning two signs from 2º Capricorn through 29º Aquarius! North Node, Vesta, Pluto, Pallas Athena, and Mercury in Capricorn, and Ceres, Moon, Sun, Mars, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. It's a message, a metaphor, a long skinny finger pointing the way! We are poised between the Saturn-ruled, authority-driven, security-oriented structures of the past and the liberating freedom of spiritual evolution and focus on the interconnectedness, equality and diversity of the human family on a living planet. We are being asked to metamorphize from earth crawlers into spirit flyers. The squeeze is on! And every moon cycle and planetary shift inches us forward on our evolutionary path ~ our planet feels it, we feel it personally and we feel it as a species.

Neptune has been in the sign of Aquarius since the beginning of 1998 and is poised to move into its own sign of Pisces in April 2011. Neptune moves s-l-o-w-l-y, 12 years in a sign, so its influence is collective and cultural. When a slow moving planet changes signs, it is significant, because the influences shift. Jupiter and Chiron have spent time traveling with and emphasizing the last degrees of Aquarius. We have come through a 12-year period where Aquarius ruled areas have greatly expanded. The techno-innovations and creation of social networking on a global level are astounding, astrology has taken a great leap forward, energy medicine and quantum field interactions are accepted knowledge, street revolutions are taking place spurred on by hand-held devices, time, space and energy are conceived of in ways not common in the last century, we are reaching for goals guided by higher truth and ideals and exposing the deception that lies in the structures that are supposed to serve 'the people', and support from the invisible world always acknowledged by the indigenous cultures is being reawakened in the western mind.

The trap in Aquarius is becoming too detached, independent, cool, and emotionally uninvolved and taking a perspective so far out that you become ungrounded with this shared reality and fearful of intimacy. Being a fixed sign means Aquarian influenced individuals can have very fixed opinions and do not entertain having their minds changed. And this can be the home of rebellious action and erratic, eccentric behavior meant to shock others.

Mars is traveling within 1º of the Sun at the New Moon spurring us to have the courage for action/enterprise and stimulating our passions especially for humanitarian ideals. Mars is the traditional God of War, so speaking one's mind bluntly may be prominent.

Mars' detached, friendly, but blunt attitude in Aquarius influencing the Sun is somewhat softened by the close conjunction with the Moon by Ceres, The Great Mother who gifted humanity with grain from the Earth and the sacred Eleusinian Rites. We are reminded of our need to nurture each other and ourselves in our individuality and the issues surrounding death and birth that touch us all.

Issues of balancing power of the masculine and feminine in relationship continue to be prominently highlighted through the ruling planet of this chart. (Dec-Feb.) Masculine Uranus, opposing Juno ( expressed as wife and mate) and squaring Venus (love and sexuality) and the South Node (old patterns) can highlight a dynamic of rage against powerlessness. Our attempts to align the ideal in relationship with the reality of our relationships can bring up frustration, grief and resentment. Emotional manipulation surfaces or children can be used as pawns in power struggles. We are experiencing an opportunity to cleanse and air the emotional disappointment and inequalities of the deep past. Emotional reconciliation work supports relationship to move to a higher frequency of reciprocity and balance.

Note that Saturn in Libra moved retrograde on Jan. 26 for five months until mid-June giving us time to reorganize and look internally for our structure and discipline. It's nicely trining the Sun, Moon, Mars conjunction in Aquarius at New Moon so we should have focus and intention at our side. Jupiter moved into Aries on Jan. 22.

This New Moon marks Chinese New Year ~ Year of the metal Rabbit. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

02/18 Full Moon at 29º Leo at 1:36 AM MST
02/18 Sun enters Pisces at 5:25 PM MST
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