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The VO-CAL 360

The Dynamic Mapping Systems of the VO-CAL "" uses a sophisticated Bio-Feedback computer program to analyze one's voice and determine what areas are stressed (excess) and what areas are compensated (deficient).  This information can then be re-produced as a detailed graph, and used to determine what frequencies will be replayed to best facilitate positive .

The production of your voice involves nearly the entire – psychological and physical.  This makes your voice an extremely reliable indicator of physiological .  The VO-CAL software records a short voice clip and plots it into a visual graph called a voice map.  The voice map indicates areas and degrees of imbalance.


How many times a day do you experience stress, sadness, aqnger, fear, low self esteem, guilt, cravings for substance abuse, or any other unpleasant behavioral pattern that results in the inability to think or reason beyond the patterns ofinner self crisis?  Do your arguments with your spouse or family members always end up in the same stuck pattern without a resolution?

As these patterns continue, the body, mind and spirit begin to suffer from exhaustion.  An older person may attribute this to to the experience of aging or getting more set in one's ways, and become callused about life as they emotionally shut down or withdraw from life to protect themselves from further emotional damage.  However, the youth of today are suffering more than ever from stress, depression, and addiction.  It is possible that thought and emotional patterns can be inherited?

The VO-CAL Chair helps the individual locate the areas of negatively charged emotions that he or she needs to process to clear repetitive patterns of thought and/or behavior.


How?  By simply talking into a microphone, a voice analysis is recorded and analysed on the screen.

The frequencies of the voice are recorded to identify the charge on the unresolved event or trauma, making it possible to reset the response.  The outcome of a Voice Map session is the ability to release locked thoughts or thought patterns that may cause discomfort in your life.  If you are holding a belief about yourself or others that is contrary to a change you desire, that change will not occur.

The benefit?  "Peace"

You will notice that you will not react to situations the way you have in the past.  Emotional challenges will be much easier to deal with and you will move through "issues" more quickly.  No longer must you endure "old emotional baggage" that interferes with the quality of your life.

To learn more:  http://www.voiceremapping.com/vocal.php