Steorn is a small company based in , . For most of the past decade they have been working on ways of producing energy via the interaction of magnetic fields. They have been ridiculed and attacked, but it seems Steorn is moving forward with their Orbo technology.

by Hank Mills
for Pure Energy Systems News


CLaNZeR's replication of Steorn's PM-Orbo Asymmetric Non-linear MH setup.

Steorn's Orbo technology was publicly launched with a cannonball splash in August of 2006 when the put a full-page ad in the stating that they had a device that would revolutionize the . (Ref.)

At the heart of the technology was what they claimed to be a start/stop system that utilized magnetic paths that were not always circular to produce gains of energy. This technology was discussed on their now offline public forum (which has been replaced with the SKDB lite). It was claimed this technology had a power density of .5 watts per cc. As debate and discussion grew, Steorn continued to develop this technology using only permanent magnets. 

A boost to their credibility came in August, 2007 from a video that emerged of Mr. Knapen of Kinetron claiming that he had tested the technology and it worked. He called the technology a miracle. In addition, he demonstrated a small device called the "K-Toy." This device demonstrated Steorn's start/stop magnetic effect. It consisted of a small vertical rotor with one weight on each side. The rotor held two magnets. There was a platform in front of the rotor with a magnetic material hidden in epoxy. When the device was triggered, the fall of the small weight would cause a larger weight to lift. 

Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Viscosity

At one point, the of Steorn Sean McCarthy, who frequently posted on their public forum, disclosed the existence of a "constant motion" version of their technology. The claimed advantages of this technology included: fewer parts, more interactions per second, no need to start/stop, and higher levels of energy gain. Eventually, it was disclosed that magnetic viscosity was involved. 

Magnetic viscosity is the time it takes for the domains of a magnetic material to respond to the magnetic field of another magnetic material. This lag time can range in seconds for some materials and nanoseconds in others. Ways of possibly utilizing magnetic viscosity to gain here were debated; but before long, a private area called the SPDC (Steorn Private Developers Club) was created. To gain more information about Steorn's technology you could sign an NDA and join for free.

Before long a demonstration of their constant motion technology was announced. It would be held at the Kinetica Museum in , England on July 4, 2007. Forum members from around the world traveled to attend this demonstration. However, the demo did not happen. (Ref.) Apparently, the bearings of their device failed. Some time after the failure of the Kinetica demo, the SPDC transformed into the SKDB (Steorn Knowledge Development Base). 

E-Orbo Launched in Dublin

Time passed and Steorn announced that a demonstration of an electromagnetic version of Orbo technology would be held at the Waterways Center in Dublin, Ireland. Multiple demonstrations of their technology took place. (Ref | 2 | 3)  They were video taped and posted to their Youtube channel.

The E-Orbo technology worked by producing torque on a rotor without producing Back-EMF. This allowed the stator magnets to be pulsed without any energy being transferred from them to the rotor. All the motion of the rotor was thermodynamically free. In addition, the stators (toroids were used) experienced an induction gain during their interaction with the rotor magnets. This was another way the system produced a gain of energy.

Apparently, most people in the world were not too impressed with the E-Orbo technology. This is tragic, because if it really did produce torque without Back-EMF that would automatically represent a free energy technology. Back-EMF works against efficiency in normal electromagnetic motors, and is usually considered a inescapable reality.. 

In addition to holding the demonstration Steorn posted their own calorimeter data on their website. They had built their own calorimeter and placed an E-Orbo inside of it. The tests demonstrated a clear gain of energy in the form of heat. (Ref.)

Improved PM Orbo?

Information about another version of their technology that only used permanent magnets was also posted. This version of their technology did not utilize magnetic viscosity, but worked by manipulating the BH curve of magnetic materials.

Notice the use of neodymium magnet to bias a ferrite.

There are replication attempts of this version of their technology taking place now.

Here is a video of CLaNZeR's replication of Steorn's PM-Orbo Asymmetric Non-linear MH setup:

Solid State Orbo

In more recent times Steorn has announced the development of a solid state version of their technology. Their website states…


"Solid State Orbo is the latest physical implementation of the Orbo technology platform. Solid State has numerous advantages over previous implementations. The fact that the Solid State version has no moving parts lowers the costs and reduces the time-frame for developers wishing to replicate the core effect. Testing is greatly simplified too; the only required is a simple digital oscilloscope.

"Solid State Orbo gains energy via control of a material's inductance and domain rotation. As with all previous implementations of Orbo, these material permeability effects are fundamental to the production of an energy gain.

"Although Solid State Orbo is in the early stages of development, rapid progress is being made with regards to optimisation. For this reason, it forms the basis of the Steorn Knowledge Development Base."

The prospect of a solid state version of their technology is exciting. There would be no need to convert the of the rotor into . You could directly power a device with the produced. Also, if solid state devices are possible what is the power density? Could it exceed .5 watts per cc? 

So where is Steorn going from here? 

This is the question that needs to be asked. Apparently, they have produced several different systems ranging from purely permanent magnet technology, to electromagnetic systems, and solid state systems that produce free energy. This is an amazing accomplishment. How long will it take for the world to notice? Perhaps the most important question is what can Steorn do to make the world notice?

If their technology is as legitimate as they claim Steorn's technology will revolutionize . The fact they developed it under the noses of the entire world will be a huge news story. Perhaps those who have attacked the company will recant. 

Let's wait and see what happens.

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