1 February 2011 – 4:13pm

Channeler:  gooddayeh

Thank you for calling upon us. is in the air, and many of you watch the revolutionary events unfolding in your world with fascination, and rightly so, for the parallels are there with your own reality, albeit in a spiritual sense and not a political one. What you see in is what happens when a critical is reached, and enough people demand a change with such that they create it THEMSELVES. They are not waiting for anyone else to make the changes for them, they are not pleading for the U.S. or the U.N. or any outside bodies to step in and create the changes for them, they are claiming it for themselves, declaring freedom with every fibre of their being and thereby creating change. Will they be successful? The outcome will depend on the purity and clarity and of their desire for change. Compare this to the situation in , and the ensuing chaos, where political change was essentially imposed by an outside force, and not demanded by and created by a critical mass of the people themselves.


Indeed the winds of are in the air, for it is time for a SPIRITUAL . Are you looking to some outside force to step in and create for you? Are you waiting for others to create the changes first before you step up and claim your own ? Do you tone down your own light when around others who you feel aren’t ready for it, or who won’t accept you? Do you look to the skies for intervention, or perhaps to a mass shake-up in world events that will lead to your ? Do you think you can only create your own enlightenment when a occurs? What are you waiting for?

You are the leaders, you who are reading this, and you need to lead by example. Demand change in your own life, bring divinity and sacredness to everything you do, for this is what true enlightenment is all about. Shine your light like the brilliant star you are. Declare your ascension from the rooftops, metaphorically speaking, for you never need to tell a single soul about it, it will shine through every inch of your being without you ever needing to utter a single word, if you TRULY claim it. And only YOU know if you are truly claiming it. If not, what are you waiting for?

Meditation is important, but your entire life is the true meditation; make every waking second a living meditation on the sacredness of all life. Let the spiritual revolution begin. It starts with you.

We are the Emissaries of Light.