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The MIR-Method

The MIR-Method (Mental Intuitive Reset) is a help method, with which you can heal yourself on several levels. It is developed by Mireille Mettes (Holland).

It is easy to work with and gives excellent results – and it is given to you freely!

This is how it works:

You stroke with one hand gently over the other and at the same time you speak out loud the next sentences (see below). You do this twice a day, for instance in the morning and in the evening, for 4 weeks. It takes about one minute each time!

Your subconscious starts working than to execute your commands…..


After you’ve done this for 4 weeks you can keep on doing this or what you can do is still stroke your hand 3 times and simultaneously say out loud: &;MIR-Method’ (and extend it for instance with a wish four yourself)


If you suffer from a severe illness or if in general you respond quite sensitive on energetic work, than is suggested that you start during 2 weeks with only step 5 and 7 (stroke 3 times over your hand and say out loud simultaneously step 5 and then step 7). By severe illness you can continue the whole method for 4 months.


The MIR-Method fits very well for children en animals as well!


The 9 steps of the MIR-Method

 Step 1. Optimise acidity.

 Step 2. Detox all toxicity.

 Step 3. father. mother.

 Step 4. Clear meridians.

-Step 5. Supplement all shortages.

 Step 6. Balance hormone system.

-Step 7. Fulfill basic needs.

 Step 8. Optimise and Aura.

 Step 9. Clarify Mission.


The MIR-Method is een free method, that may circulate freely. So please it (in your language) to family, friends and acquaintances.


On the www.mirmethod.com you’ll find all the information you‘ll need and an instruction movie with some more information in English, Dutch or German

On the website you can find the text in other languages as well (Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian)