The message offered to at this time in its evolution was prepared eons ago for promulgation when you were ready to receive it. Previously, was not ready.  Your spiritual life and your willingness to accept that such a thing as a spiritual life was a possibility let alone worth attending to was insufficiently evolved.  However, over the last five or six decades, there has been a wonderful flowering of your awareness, which has allowed and encouraged unprecedented numbers of you to search for true meaning in your lives that made sense, instead of the continual and seemingly endless and unsuccessful struggle for sex, wealth, security, and power.  For as you each moved from adolescence to maturity and then on to cynical and dissatisfied experience in middle and old age, what you had struggled for became meaningless and useless as your bodies became increasingly dysfunctional.  It seemed that life was a cruel joke that had initially offered delightful possibilities which then turned to ashes as disappointment and impending death replaced your exuberant hopes of youth.

Truly, life as you were experiencing it was insane.  What an awakening!  Surely there must be more to it, surely it has a purpose.  The scientific view — that life arose by chance from chaos and would return there — was terrifying, and so more of you began to look inwards, partly as a of the advances in psychology that showed that suffering and fear could be alleviated, and partly as a of the publication, on a large scale, of the experiences of a few very spiritually oriented and gifted people across the eons who had found peace, contentment , and even ecstasy in life.

Many of you have learned and used spiritual and psychological techniques to search within yourselves for peace and meaning, and you have not been disappointed.  You have shared your experiences, and this has encouraged many others to seek a deeper meaning in their lives.

Humanity, having reached a plateau of self-satisfied, scientific reasoning ability, stopped evolving at about the time of the industrial revolution, and then focused almost all of its attention on the wonders of technology that were just coming into use, believing that they would enable humanity to overcome all the problems that caused illness, suffering and poverty.  Spiritual aspects of living were dismissed as dreams for the foolish and the illiterate, and over the years since then the ethics based on faith in an all-powerful and loving God have been largely discarded by people, governments, political parties, and corporations, or used by religious organizations to subdue and control their members.

But now the complete inadequacy of life without sound ethical behavior has become very apparent, and people are searching for a way to establish a worldwide with a strong ethical foundation.  The which envelops the planet, and to which each one of you is permanently connected, provides the power, the love, and the intelligence to enable you to make the necessary life changes to bring this about, and to ensure your success.

The divine message that many are now hearing is: “All the facilities that you need to establish and maintain planetwide a society that lives and cooperates ethically, within the loving Oneness that is All That Exists, are in place and ready to come on line.”  God created them at the moment of your apparent separation from Him in readiness for this time, because His Will is that you exist with Him in eternal joy, and nothing can obstruct or prevent His divine Intent.

Until now this message would have made no sense to you, because you would have chosen to dismiss it, ignore it, or refused to be aware of it.  However, since that moment of apparent separation, all that you needed to enable you to recognize and accept your unbreakable eternal connection to your Father, and to one another, has been present and available.  You just chose, until now, to continue playing your insane, painful, and imaginary games.  Finally you are starting to stir in your sleep, and it seems that the illusory nightmare is about to release you.  But it never had any hold on you!  It is purely an illusory concept that you had imagined, and which you pretended could control you – you who are divine beings of infinite power.  Now you are deleting it from your memories.

This is therefore a time for celebration because your awakening is imminent.  You can see signs of it all across the planet as people are starting to throw off the shackles that have (apparently!) enslaved them for so long.  You have made previous attempts to free yourselves, but you lacked faith in yourselves and in the strength of your divine support, and so reverted to fighting one another.  This will not happen again because the vast majority of humanity has become aware, finally, that fighting and war leads only to more fighting and war.  Even those employed in the military are realizing this as they experience again and again the hideous carnage and intense hatred that is an inevitable consequence of every war.  They too are realizing that peace can only come from peace, and that anything else is just an interlude between wars.

The time has come for non-violent change, with the dignity of each human being respected and honored in actuality, not in meaningless rhetoric.  The time for riding roughshod over others is coming rapidly to an end, as of peace, abundance, and creative opportunity becomes established right across your magnificent planet.  All is following the divine plan which will bring to fruition the state of ecstasy and joy for which you have been hoping for what seems to have been an eternity, and that state will be eternal.

With so very much love, Saul.