From Steve

In this channel the group talked once again about the Chilean Earthquake of last summer.  At the time they said that it changed the tilt and the rotation of the planet more than we knew.  The group continued messages the next month that talked about the Magnetosphere of and how that cosmic event altered the magnetosphere. Now the group says we have been in the midst of an that originated with that event. 

The Magnetosphere of Earth is basically the magnetic field of earth extending far out into space.  When this earthquake happened it shifted earth within a few hours but the magnetosphere whipped behind the event and is just now catching up.  They said that much of what people are feeling right now is a result of that .  The good news is that the pace should be slowing down a bit over the next few months.   They also talked about the solar flare activity just warming up now and how we can use this rather than be overwhelmed by it. 

There was one point in this channel that I will always remember.  They have consistently said that we are god and that the collective of determines the overall direction of an event.  What they are talking about it 2012.  They said there will still be a lot of negativity and fear. There will be messages of fear and there will be messages full of hope and .  What they say is that it our own choice as individuals what we experience.  But what they said for the first time in this channel was that the collective of humanity has just reached a new balance of over fear on the subject of 2012. Nice work everyone!

Very Big hugs

As a side note we are pleased to find that recently we passed our first million views in on the VLB