We are the Light Brigade and we have much to share with about what their assignments will be.
We have been part of this for a long, long time, ever since its first existence because without us the light would not be around so prominently.

Our as the Light Brigade is to constantly flood light to every corner and crevice in the cosmic and in all it’s inhabitants. We take our very seriously. The light is what carries the life force of the Creator through to each and every one of you and to each and every particle of the cosmic.

We want all to know that when troubles arise, no matter what they may be, if you remember to enfold it and seal the troubled issues in a bubble of light there is always a clear view coming toward you as to the best way to handle or move forward from the trouble. We hope you remember that light is everything that makes . Love is the glue that makes it stick. Does this simplify if for you? We are totally and completely light and love and we are honored to be of assistance at anytime. Just ask for our help or just call for the light and we will be there in force to easy and change the problem.

Thank you for taking the time to allow our message to come forth. Now those who take the time to read it will understand things even more differently because of the vibration that is placed upon these very words that are written. We will move off to the side for now.. Aka Shaw Aka Shae . .Blessings to all.

Message Channeled to Dr.Madalyn Kennedy copyright 2011 You may share this message as long as you copy exactly as above and include all through this sentence.