as you grow in your awareness of the value
of unconditional love of   `~what is~
you begin to "see the world"  thru the
eye of love…
it takes "time" for time itself is a process…
yes…time is a gift you have given yourself
so you can grow the soul of Christ
by using time to heal the gap between
where I AM
and where you think you are…

for truth…precious .
you have never left this heart of love..
it has been your "belief" that you are
not one with me now that has brought forth
this seeming world of separation…
you have been taught to give labels to the world..
the way to mastery then
is to let go of all the labels…for once you name
something….you make it real for you…
that is the power your beliefs have..
imagine then if you named everything and everyone
since what you believe is what you make real for you
it must make sense that if you truly saw all
arisings as love you would experience
that truth for yourself!!!!
when you walk in your shoes of gratitude
for  ~what is ~ right now
you neutralize any belief about what is arising
and in that "choice" to be grateful for what is arising
you have literally changed the outcome …
from that choice
you have said to your Self…
~i see  only my Self within all things..
i know there is only love
i will see this moment thru my divine eye
and KNOW that from that choice
love will reveal itself to me.~
this is a very powerful statement…
it is the very power of co creation
that you have been seeking..
it is within you Now….
yes…it is "time" for you now precious hearts
to let go of the beliefs of the world
and create as the Christ…
this is true co creation with love…
to "choose" for it within all things
is the way of the mystic…
for love reveals itself to you
thru the symbols of the world around you…
i know it is difficult to stand back and allow
~what is~ to be exactly as it is…
yet that is because you believe you know
what the moment is for…
~Only love knows what the moment is for.~.
You…as the creator you are
call experiences to yourself
so that you can grow your awareness
of the presence of love
so that love itself…god itself
can expand that which it is
as you..thru you…

Love itself longs to flow thru you
unimpeded……pure…radiant light
longs to expand itself thru you….

walking in gratitude precious ones
ignites the heart center…
it opens the shutters you have placed
over the "love box"  (your treasure)  within you..
if you could see yourself as you judge
any event as literally closing your arms over your heart…
when you judge……… immediately remove
whatever it is you are judging from your heart of love
which is gods heart of love…

ahhhhhhhhhh….but when you love
this is where the magic begins..
you open your arms wide and allow the heart
center to extend itself into all of creation..
you literally change the world around you
as you choose to love unconditionally….
dear hearts…i come to you and attempt to put
into words that which truly has no words…
yet within and behind these words there is
much going on that is touching your being…
your soul knows these truths and it is being
reminded of the truth of itself
these words are actually singing to your soul…
yes……..this message appears as words
yet in truth
it is a song………the song of love
that touches your dna in ways that open you…
expand you…ignite your divine mind
that is within you now….
remember these words…
~Everything is Light….
When you judge…You dim the light ~  !!!!
and ~you~ are the First to experience it…
so…………within each arising
it is your choice to experience "what is"
that which is of god
or to judge and experience being
separate from love… and you experience all that
a thought of judgment would bring within you
and around you as your experience…
~does this not speak to you of the "power"
of your choice to love ~  ???.
this you can experience in your life right where you are…
your very life is an ashram….right where you are…
you do not need to travel to some distant place
to experience the truth of love…to grow the soul of Christ…
right where you are is the grandest of schools of love
if you will but allow love to teach you anew…
to see all things as light………as perfection is the grandest
act of Self love…
the gap then precious precious hearts
doesn't even exist………but when you judge
you will experience the gap………
does this make sense to you????
take it deeply within…ponder it…
practice it…play with it…
mostly play with it dear ones…play with your
power to create as love..with love..
for love…
~to be love is to see love within all things…
to see only love is to be love… ~
with that…..we bid you adieu…
Jeshua ben Joseph…
if you would like to receive these messages of love simply send me
an email…feel free to pass these along wherever you are guided…