As awaits its wake-up call to enter into its fully-conscious of being, much is going on that, in your unawakened , you are unaware of. Your bodies are being prepared to enable them to operate smoothly and easily with the more powerful energies that your fully-conscious requires, and that your bodies will provide.  Your whole chakra system is being enhanced, which entails much, very complex renovation and modification.  This has to be done with great care so that your bodies, which of course are also part of the illusion, do not go into shock.

A large number of courageous volunteers are already undergoing this essential realignment of their spiritual systems to enable any problems that could occur during this process to be isolated and resolved before it goes planet-wide.  When it does so those of you who are more sensitive will probably experience some unaccustomed bodily tingling, and most of you will experience a variety of emotional mood swings as your bodies adjust to these new and powerful energies.  Remember that you will be letting go of a large number of such as fear, judgment, blame, and self-righteousness which prevent you from recognizing the Light shining forth in one another.  And doing this will have an amazing effect on you.  You will find yourselves in a state of total acceptance of what is, which will most probably be a completely new and rather unsettling experience for you. However, you will quickly discover that it is an incredibly relaxing and de-stressing state, and you will realize that you are not alone in this, that you are not going insane, but that you are re-establishing your sanity.

God’s plan for humanity is truly awesome, as you are to discover.  His Love surrounds you in every , and has done so without break or interruption since He created you, and you are once more going to experience the supreme bliss of that wondrous state – your natural state – permanently. As the illusion disintegrates around you the brilliance of Reality will embrace you in the ecstasy of its almighty and soothing energy field.  It is infinitely beyond anything you could possibly conceive of, and yet when it does embrace you, you will immediately recognize it for what it is — your divine, eternal .

Creation is God’s gift to His children because He adores you all, and it provides in eternal abundance everything you could ever need or desire.  You are perfect, divine beings created in power and glory to delight in your existence at one with your Father.  You chose, in a brief moment of insanity, to build a very convincing illusory reality in which you could hide from Him.  He knew that this would bring you misery, but He had given you free will and so He did not interfere.  Instead He instantly provided the solution to that unhappy state: a brilliantly lighted path to guide you Home when you chose to leave the illusion and return to His divine Reality, as you most definitely would.  The moment for the initiation of that return journey, which will take but an instant, is approaching rapidly.  The preparations that will enable it to unfold are complete. When it arrives you will be ready to awaken from your nightmare into the wonder of experiencing God’s infinite and unchanging Love for you, eternally.

With so very much love, Saul.