Jen Eramith MA

a message from Akashic Records

channeled by Jen Eramith MA

Monday, 7 March, 2011  (posted 14 March, 2011)

Is it possible to know why human beings are so numerous at this time on ?

There are two primary reasons from a cosmic perspective.  One is that there are many being interested in experiencing human life at this time because humans are doing something unusual, from a cosmic perspective.  The second is that part of your as a human family relies upon experiencing extreme , and living in high population serves to enhance that experience.

To elaborate, the current state of human evolution is occurring in ways that no one in the Universe ever expected.  Humans are evolving toward the possibility of living as humans in a physical body who can remember who they truly are as souls.  Until now, this has been impossible.  The human experience has always been based on limitation, and the primary limitation has been your forgetting your true, nature.  When you remember who you truly are, that you are simply a of divine light and love, then you would “twinkle” back into light.  You would cease to be able to hold yourself in physical .  It was never possible before for a human being to consciously comprehend their divinity and remain in a limited physical frame.

You are now evolving toward being able to hold a conscious awareness of your divinity while still living as a human being.  You are becoming enlightened.  In the Universe, other divine beings who never believed it was possible for this to happen are now lining up to come into this form and play.  Many divine beings who never wanted to experience the density of human life are now interested in participating in your evolution.

Also, this is the last time on Planet Earth for humans to live in total forgetfulness, so some are here for one last chance to see what it is like to live in the limited consciousness of the human form.

The second reason is that population density serves to help you wake up.  You are being forced to see that operating from a limited perspective will no longer work for you.  As physical resources become scarce, your physical survival is at risk.  This leads you to consider that working together is necessary for your survival.  Working together, as a global community, involves divine activity – connection, faith, love, and seeing that your individual self matters far less than the greater love shared amongst you.  This is what a high population density is forcing you to remember.

How can we support such a large population?

The physical resources available are Planet Earth are enough to support the current human population and more, including support for the animal species that remain on Planet Earth.  But this is only possible through a radical change in how you manage your physical resources.  At this time, the trajectory for resource management is leading toward losing more animal species and losing more human lives to poverty and starvation because you are not efficient or fair in resource management. 

In order to make your resources and population sustainable, there are two primary changes that must take place.  One, you must transform the way you use resources from being based on convenience to being based on health.  For instance, you use petroleum resources to drive a car, which is convenient, yet is does not promote your health.  Walking and riding bicycles would be more physically healthy, and living closer to the places and people with whom you work and share resources would be more socially healthy. 

The second change that must take place is to base your resource management systems on fairness.  Your current systems are built to deliver resources from those who have the least to those who have the most.  This is true on a global level, such as the delivery of raw materials from poor countries to rich countries, and it is also true on a smaller level, such as in the US where poor people work hard for low pay, and the spoils of their labor lead rich people who own corporations to make even more money.

The fundamental shift that must occur in order for humanity to live sustainably and abundantly with physical resources is for you to move from focusing on your individual survival and comfort, and toward a deep knowing that you are indelibly connected to one another.  Once you come to understand that, fairness spontaneously arises.  The only system that will allow the human population to thrive on Planet Earth with anything close to its current size, is a system that is driven by the motivation to provide fairly to all people and ecosystems.  Once fairness is the driving force, you create systems of management that allow ecosystems to thrive and produce more physical resources.  Once fairness is the driving force, you create that inspire ingenuity, generosity, and efficient technologies that lead more people to thrive through exchanging with others in a way that is empowering to all.

When will we be able to live sustainably as a human population?

If you continue to improve your systems at the current rate, it will take three to four generations for you to reach sustainability.  This is in part due to the further damage that will take place based on your slow improvement.  If you improve faster than you are currently doing, you could reach a level of sustainability within the next fifty to seventy years, with a much more comfortable and sustainable existence available in the next twenty to thirty years.  What must change is that each individual must connect with the fact that you are interconnected – that convenience in your life is not worth diminishing the resources of another.

Between now and then, you will see your population begin to break down.  The systems you are using to manage resources are not evolving fast enough to keep up with your expenditures, so you will lose significant numbers of people to environmental causes.  This will lead you to develop a new vision based on health and fairness.  How long that takes is up to you.

As an individual, it is vital that you take these matters into your own hands.  If you cannot change the energy policy of a nation, consider how you can change the energy policy of your household.  Consider where you spend your money and how that contributes to either convenience or health.  Act now within the sphere of what you can influence, and you will find your ability to have a greater influence expand. (March 2011)

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