As you witness the changes all around you
know dear ones that all is well…

Notice i said "witness"
to be as the witness knowing that only love
is real
will allow peace to fill your being…

It is your "ideas" of what love is
that cause you to suffer…
this my is not necessary…

Love allows..
Love knows that it is eternally connected to Love
and that all "roads" all changes…all endings …
all beginnings are eternally wrapped in the
arms of that very that enfolds all things…

therefore…this day
the most wonderful gift you can give to the world
is to
choose to "think with the "…

the heart Knows no matter how things
may "appear"
each and every arising is as the dew drop is
to the

it arises from the ocean of love
and eventually returns to the very same…
always and in all ways one still with the vast ocean…
the grand mystery that all springs forth from…

that very of
is within you Now…
it is for you to discover what joy…what peace
can fill you as you remember
to breathe from this union …. 

the Heart my Precious Friends knows
that each and every arising is a part
of the Divine that is allowing
that which is truly Love to saturate and fill each
and every divine cell of life ……….touching all
of creation……….for all of creation is experiencing
this entrance into the Golden Era of love…

you are simply in the "process" of remembering
who you truly are….

You are that which I am…!!!

Love……….there is nothing else…
yet in time it seems to be taking time for this
golden era to occur…

what if i told you that when you are as
the witness you literally leave time
and become one with the "eternal"…

you "unite" with the mystery and
all power under heaven and earth
is alive within that union…!!!!!!

Know that it has already happened..
Your Golden era is upon you
for you…the holy "sun" of god
as a collective have chosen for it…

what the "sun" decrees Is…

would you then simply ~allow~ the perfect process
that has already birthed heaven on earth???

the process of time then can be used
to grow your awareness of the radiance
of love that is truly alive within you Now…

then…… loves servant you simply "shine"
that light into time…..into that which is not
yet the Reality that Will Be…

the power of your thoughts
is what creates your reality…so..
dare you to think only this thought…

"the thought of heaven on earth"…

~since you find Yourself to be on earth
then heaven must be within You ~

this union of love within
can bring forth and radiate the 
reality of loves presence
thus transcending time
and allowing loves true Reality
to be brought forth…

be at peace as you "choose"
to bring your love …..your ray of light
to each one of your brothers and sisters
who enter your universe this day…

align your thoughts with heaven
and You Will Experience that reality…

be at peace this day

~The Voice of Love ~


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